Do men’s sex lingerie pass through?

Do men's sex lingerie pass through?

Do men’s sex lingerie pass through?

It is common for men to wear underwear in daily life, but the word "interest" will make many people feel a little embarrassed.In fact, men’s sexy underwear is already very popular in Europe and the United States, not only to add interest, but also has a certain health and health effect.This article will be discussed from the types, functions, and attention of men’s sexy underwear.

Classification introduction

Men’s sexy underwear is very rich. From color to styles, they have their own characteristics. Generally, they are divided into the following:

1. Boxer Briefs men’s flat -angle underwear

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This style is very popular in Europe and the United States. Their design of their body can highlight the figure of men, and the comfort is very high.

2. G-Strings T pants

G-Strings is a very unique T pants. In simple terms, it is a piece of cloth and a thin band.This style is very suitable for men who are not afraid of showing their own.

3. Jockstraps beam pants

Bugs are a kind of tight strap pants, mainly to support male genitals, so that it will not shake too much.This style is more suitable for some men with impact sports or sports.

4. Thongs thong

The reason why the thong is called thong is because the front area is small and only a little bit, so it looks like a "buty".This style is suitable for men sitting all day or wearing loose pants.


In addition to visual stimulation, men’s sexy lingerie also has other health or functional effects.


1. Fixed genital

Bugs and thongs can effectively fix the male genitals, reduce unnecessary shaking and bumps, protect the male reproductive system, and avoid accidental injuries in exercise.

2. Reduce back pain

Some styles of sexy underwear, such as beam pants and tight flat -angle underwear, can effectively improve male waist discomfort, help spine and muscles appear U -shaped, and avoid waist injury.

3. Promote blood circulation

Tight -fitting sexy underwear can effectively compress the blood vessels of men’s lower body, promote male blood circulation, and have a certain role in promoting health.


Pay attention to the following points to wear sexy underwear.

1. The size is correct

Excessive or small underwear will affect the comfort of wearing, and even cause physical discomfort. Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you.

2. High -quality material

High -quality materials will make the underwear softer and more comfortable, both in line with ergonomics, but also highlight the effect.

3. Keep dry

Keep dry when wearing sexy underwear and avoid sweat from wet underwear. It is necessary to replace the dry underwear, so as to ensure comfort and hygiene.

Isn’t men’s sexy underwear a joke?

The initial purpose of sexy underwear is not to sell laughing or prostitution, but a healthy way to add fun and improve the quality of emotional life to the husband and wife.In Europe, America and other places, the market share of men’s sex underwear is already very large, and now many people are gradually accepting the physical maintenance effect of this kind of clothing to a certain extent.Therefore, men’s sexy underwear is not a joke.Of course, if it is not suitable for wearing, please do not barely wear it.