Is it possible to buy it if you buy it?

Is it okay to buy it if you buy it when you buy it?

Many people think of how to try as soon as possible after buying sexy underwear, but few people consider whether these underwear needs to be cleaned.This makes many people wonder: Can you buy it if you buy it when you buy it?Let’s answer them one by one.

Why do I need to wash the sexy underwear I bought?

First of all, sexy underwear is in the process of manufacturing and contacts with personnel through multiple links. This may cause the surface of the underwear to be contaminated and contain harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses.If it is not cleaned, these substances will directly contact the skin, which will not only affect health, but also cause skin allergies.

How to correctly wash the sexy underwear?

It should be very careful about the cleaning of sexy underwear to avoid destroying the material and quality of the underwear itself.It is recommended to use warm water, add half a spoonful of soft agent, and rub it gently. Do not rub it too much.After cleaning, rinse it with water, and then dry it naturally.

When should I wash sexy underwear?

Before wearing it for the first time, it is best to clean the underwear.In addition, if the underwear is too tight or long for a long time, it also needs to be cleaned regularly.In addition, whether or not or not, if the underwear is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and stored regularly.

The effect of underwear material on cleaning

Different materials require different cleaning methods.For example, silk underwear should be washed by hand, not suitable for machine washing, otherwise it will be damaged; latex underwear material is not suitable for cleaning agents such as strong acids, strong alkali and bleaching agents.

Be cautious when cleaning, and pay more attention to drying

After cleaning, there may be residual moisture after cleaning. If it is not completely clean, it will easily cause bacteria and mold to breed.Therefore, it is recommended to dry the underwear until completely dry and keep ventilation.

Be careful in underwear storage

You need to pay attention when you store sexy underwear.First of all, it is best to store the underwear separately, such as placing it in a special underwear bag or box to avoid pollution.In addition, try to avoid exposing underwear in the sun or humidity.

Can a soft agent be used in the washing machine?

The soft agent can be used, but it is necessary to pay attention to it. Excessive use will cause the underwear material to deform and rupture.In some cases, the soft -ray agent is also easy to induce allergic symptoms.

Pay attention to details

When cleaning the erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to some details.For example, there may be small ornaments such as buttons, hooks, etc. on the underwear, and should be carefully cleaned to avoid damage or loss.In addition, the embroidery, lace, mesh and other materials on the underwear should also be carefully cleaned.


It should be noted that sexy underwear is a private item, so you should be particularly careful when cleaning and storage.For underwear materials and cleaning methods, different treatment also needs to be performed.Therefore, in order to protect personal health and underwear, we should develop good cleaning and storage habits.

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