Is there any original sexy underwear?

Is there any selling of original sexy underwear?

What is the original sexy underwear?

Original sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear that has not been used in the process of production, storage and sales.This means that they retain the most natural fabric flavor, usually a slight natural cotton or silk flavor.

Why do people want to buy original sexy underwear?

For some sexy toy enthusiasts, the original sexy underwear can improve the stimulus and add a unique psychological atmosphere.And for some people, natural fabric taste can inspire extreme pleasure.

Where can I buy the original sexy underwear?

Buying the original sexy underwear can be used online shopping sites, such as Taobao, JD, or Amazon.In addition, it can be found in adult products stores.

How to determine that the sexy underwear purchased is original?

When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to viewing instructions or asking the merchant, and confirm whether there are additives in the product.In addition, the sexy underwear you can buy can be heard. If there is fragrance, it is not the original sexy underwear.

What is the difference between the original sexy underwear and other types of sexy underwear?

Other types of sexy underwear usually add flavor or other chemical components, which may cause allergies or other adverse reactions.The original interesting underwear is natural and no additive, which is more friendly for skin and health.

Can I clean the original sexy underwear after use?

Yes, and it is very necessary to clean the original tasteful underwear.The cleaning method can be cleaned by using a dedicated cleaning agent or using a mild soapy water to clean it according to the instructions on the label.Do not use too hot water or hot wind.

What should I pay attention to when choosing the original fun underwear?

Pay attention to the material and size when choosing the original interesting underwear.Try to choose a sexy underwear made of cotton, silk or natural materials to avoid components containing synthetic fibers.In addition, choose the size that suits you, do not choose too tight or loose underwear.

What is the price of original sexy underwear?

The price of the original sexy underwear is usually not much more expensive than the general sexy underwear. It can be purchased in the market price range, and the price is about 100 yuan-300 yuan.

Some people think that it is unhygienic to buy the original sexy underwear, really?

This problem varies from person to person.The concept of unhygienic underwear in buying the original interesting underwear mainly comes from the inherent concepts and prejudices of some people.For the original sexy underwear that has been disinfected, they are not significantly different from other types of sexy underwear.


Regardless of the purpose of stimuli or to ensure the health of the skin, buying original sexy underwear is completely normal and acceptable.It should be noted that the size, material and cleaning are issues.Before buying, you need to check the instructions and consult the merchant, so as to better understand the original sexy lingerie.

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