Rope sex underwear production

Rope sex underwear production

What is a rope erotic underwear?

Rope erotic underwear is a sexual emotional interest underwear used to wear ropes, hemp ropes, or thin bars. It uses the shape and physical characteristics of the rope to create a variety of unique fashion and sexy styles. The underwear is suitable for more confidence and courageWomen.

Make raw materials for making rope erotic lingerie

The most commonly used raw materials for making rope sexy underwear are high, soft, comfortable and elastic cotton rope or thin band. In addition, you can also use natural hemp ropes or artificial silk ropes.

Design concept of rope sex underwear

Lace Trim Mesh Robe With G-String – 1002

The basic design concept of rope erotic underwear is fusion visual aesthetics and body construction.During the production process, designers usually follow the body curve to design, and use the different colors and lengths of the rope to create a colorful pattern.

Skills of tie rope erotic underwear

In order to make a beautiful rope erotic lingerie, you need to use the correct skills to tie the rope.Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer provides a manual. If you are familiar with the basic rope knowledge, you can try to operate and bind it yourself. If you are not proficient, it is best to ask professionals to assist.

How should rope erotic underwear be matched?

The wearing of rope erotic underwear needs to be matched. Generally, simple and generous coats are the main, such as solid bands, vests, or exquisite design lace lace, to highlight the design effect of the rope.

How to maintain rope sexy underwear?

In order to maintain the beauty and life of the rope erotic underwear, you should minimize contact with water as much as possible to avoid cleaning with washing machines. You can place underwear in a clean bag and wash it gently.

Different styles of rope sex lingerie

There are many styles of rope erotic underwear. Due to the differences in style, the style is also different.For example: metal ring buckle, T -shaped pants, dragging lines, hollow styles, etc. These styles have different ways and decorative methods, which can meet the needs of people of people with different ages, figures, and styles.


Applicable crowd of rope sex underwear

Rope erotic underwear is suitable for people who are open to personality, seeking stimulus, challenges, and pleasure, especially those who are innovative and free, who are good at creative thinking and trying new things.

The sexy effect of rope sex lingerie

The sexy effects of rope erotic underwear are mainly combined by using the curve beauty of the rope and the sexy curve of the human body to express unique sexy charm in sharp contrast.


Rope erotic underwear is a unique fashion and sexy expression, with high aesthetic and creative value.Putting on a rope erotic underwear, you will burst out unprecedented vitality and self -confidence, and truly interpret different sexy and dynamic.