Taobao watching fun underwear map

Taobao watching fun underwear map

Interesting underwear is a more beautiful and charming costume in the process of sex.In recent years, due to the development of the Internet and the gradual changes in the public concepts, sexy underwear is no longer a kind of inferior and vulgarity in some regions, but is regarded as a manifestation of the quality of life.On online Taobao, the number of sexy underwear is very large, and the price is different. It is difficult to distinguish the relationship between quality and price without identification.This article will introduce the skills and experiences of Taobao to see the sexy lingerie.

1. Look at the main picture first

The sexy underwear on Taobao has the main picture, which is usually the product photos shown in the model.This picture is often related to the purchase decision of buyers.When we see the main picture, we need to pay attention to the quality of the picture, whether the picture quality is clear, and whether the color is bright.Generally speaking, the main map can reflect the conscience and integrity of a seller.

2. Observation details

In the main picture of sexy underwear, we must not only look at the overall effect, but also observe the details.The treatment at the details can sign the professional and meticulous level of a seller.If the details are not in place, it means that the seller’s professionalism needs to be improved.

3. Look at the real shot

In addition to the main picture, the sexy underwear of real shots is also very important.Especially the pictures of the seller’s praise.Real shots not only allow us to better know the styles and details of sexy underwear, but also help us judge the quality.

4. Follow instructions

On Taobao, the seller’s explanation of sexy underwear is very important.The more detailed the description, the more attentive the seller.What we need to pay attention to is to read the instructions carefully to see if the size, fabric, and processing technology meet our needs.

5. Pay attention to comments

On Taobao, it is very important to read sex underwear.We need to pay attention to the text and pictures in the comments to judge the quality of sex underwear.The picture in the praise is best to take the real shot of the buyer, which can intuitively see the quality of the sexy underwear.

6. Look at the material fabric

The material fabric of the sexy underwear is mainly soft, transparent, and smooth.Such as lace, silk, rabbit hair, leather, etc.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the texture of the fabric. For example, whether the lace is soft and smooth, it is best to choose the fabric that can stick to the skin.

7. Carefully designed sexy underwear

As a sex clothing, sexy underwear needs to be original in design to reflect its value.We need to pay attention to these unique designs to see if it is just right, whether it meets our needs, so as to make more accurate purchase decisions.

8. Pay attention to size selection

Selection of sexy underwear size is important.Excessive size or too small can cause inappropriate purchase problems.Before buying, you need to check the size table carefully, and it is best to pay attention to the size of the size in the buyer’s feedback.


The quality of sexy underwear on Taobao is different. When choosing, you need to choose a seller of honest and highly professional, while maintaining a vigilant attitude.In summary, we need to comprehensively consider the main map, real shot, details, explanations, reviews, material fabrics, design, size and other aspects.Through the above techniques, I believe you will be able to encounter good -looking sexy underwear on Taobao online.

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