The average of sexy underwear

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The average code of sexy underwear is a controversial topic in recent years, especially when more and more brands have begun to launch the "average underwear" series.Is this a measure that facilitates consumers, or is it a means of fakeing standards to confuse consumers?In this article, we will discuss the truth of sexy underwear average and discuss the logic and influence behind it.

What is the average of sexy underwear?

Abandoning traditional underwear is very limited size. The average lingerie is mainly based on high elastic materials. It is unique and can adapt to women with different breasts, hips, and body shapes.Therefore, whether it is a large breast, a small breast, a strong and slim woman, you can find a mean underwear that suits you.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are indeed many advantages of code underwear: they make it more convenient to buy underwear, eliminating the difficulty of finding concerns and challenging to find suitable sizes.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of average underwear are becoming more and more obvious.They are usually only suitable for certain types of figures (such as several specific busts, hips and heights). Some people may easily become "vests" after wearing average underwear, causing discomfort or unsightly feeling.In addition, such underwear is not suitable for those who have special needs, special fabrics or tailoring and support.

Why does the average appear?

With the advancement of society and the gradual improvement of women’s cognition, women’s requirements for underwear are getting higher and higher.However, the standard sizes widely adopted by traditional underwear industry do not meet the needs of different body type women.Faced with such market demand, some brands have begun to produce average or underwear suitable for all populations by enhancing personal elasticity, extending shoulder straps and adjusting various details to meet market demand.

Is the code really suitable for all women?

In fact, average underwear is not suitable for all women.Women with special figures, such as too plump or too thin women, may need to customize styles or be more cautious when buying underwear.Therefore, the average underwear is not suitable for women in any body type.

How can we choose to buy sexy underwear?

Although the average underwear may be suitable for some consumers, when buying underwear, we still have to consider being alert to the business scams that are "suitable for all".The correct method is to buy underwear that is suitable for you according to the characteristics of their personal body shape.

in conclusion

In general, the average underwear has become a branch of the underwear industry. Its appearance has improved the convenience of shopping for consumers, but it is not necessarily suitable for all female women.Therefore, in the future, when buying sexy underwear, we must choose underwear carefully to avoid blindly follow the trend, and choose suitable underwear styles according to our needs, body shape and preferences.

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