Tube top hanging necklines and lingerie beauties

Tube top hanging necklines and lingerie beauties

What is a tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear?

The tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear is a more sexy and explicit sexy underwear. As the name suggests, it is a underwear suit consisting of a tube top and a neck necklace.The tube top can make the curve on the chest more prominent, while the hanging necklace highlights the charming curve of the neck.This underwear is often loved by very brave and creative sex lovers.

The color and material of the tube top -hanging neck of sexy underwear

Trust -neck -to -necked color underwear is usually available in color. Black, red, pink and white.In terms of materials, details such as silk, sequins, mesh and lace are used to add more charming curves and mysterious feelings.

Which people are suitable for wearing tube tops to hang their necks and sexy underwear?

Pasta hanging neck sexy underwear is usually suitable for women with good body and full chest.Of course, if you are confident and like to challenge, then it is also suitable for women with more common figures, but the premise is that you have a certain stage performance literacy and confidence.

Trust -hanging necklined underwear clothing matching

The tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear is best with some sexy, explicit clothing, such as mini skirts, hot pants, stockings, etc.Especially in the erotic dance, as long as it is well equipped, it will definitely attract many fanatic fans.

How to correctly wear a tube top to hang neck sexy underwear?

When wearing a tube top and hanging neck, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First of all, pay attention to choosing the right size to ensure comfort and beauty.

Secondly, pay attention to the position and fixing of the tube top to avoid embarrassing things such as glowing.

Also pay attention to the length and location of the neck necklace to ensure that the curve of the neck is more beautiful and charming.

How to clean the tube top to hang the neck of sexy underwear?

Pasta hanging necklines are generally not washed with machines.You can choose to wash your hands, or use warm water to wash gently, and rinse with water. Do not use too powerful scrubbing.In addition, avoid direct sunlight during drying.

The matching of the tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear and sex supplies

During sex, the tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear can be used with some commonly used sexy products, such as mouthball, handcuffs, aes, whip, etc. This can not only increase interest, but also better meet sexual needs.

The price of the tube top hanging neck sex underwear

The price of tube tops hanging necks is very cheap, basically between tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.In terms of brands, Jeffree, adult suits, Prinhe, etc. are all produced.

The meaning of the presence of the tube top -hanging neck sex underwear

The significance of the tube top -hanging necklines is a new choice and possibility to provide people with a new choice and possibility in sex.They can inject more novel elements and interests for sex, so that sex is no longer a boring thing, but a fun thing.Therefore, the tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear has also become a sign of sex culture.


If you want to increase your interest, try the tube top -hanging and sexy underwear. It will bring you a steady stream of surprises and fun, injecting more fun for your sex life.

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