Very fat, want to buy a set of sexy underwear

Fat people can also wear fun shirts

Many fat people think that erotic underwear is only suitable for people with sloppy figures.But this is not the case. Fun underwear focuses on sexy and seductive. Everyone can wear beautifully, without having to deliberately pursue the perfect figure.

Choose the right size

It is important to choose the right size when buying sexy underwear.Too small underwear will make flesh, and too large underwear will appear sexy.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a lace -made underwear, because the lace is relatively elastic, which can modify the body lines, and it is also very soft and comfortable.

Choose style and color

When choosing a sexy underwear style, you can try some V -line collar or low -cut underwear, which can better show the aesthetics of the chest shape.In addition, light -colored erotic underwear can make the skin more delicate and increase sexy temperament.

Avoid too tight underwear

Although many fat people want to tighten the flesh through underwear, they will limit their breathing too tightly, and it is easy to strangle meat.Therefore, choosing a moderate soft sexy underwear can reduce these problems.

High waist underwear is the gospel

When fat people wear fun underwear, they can be paired with high waist underwear.High -waisted underwear can tighten the flesh in the underwear and increase the line beauty of the entire body.In addition, the bottom of the whole set of fun underwear is best to design high waist design, so that the perfect body can be truly modified.

Put on a waist

If you still feel that your body is not perfect, you can try to put on a waist jacket.Pylomatic clothes can be well shaped by S -shaped figure, making sexy underwear more sexy.And generally sexy underwear is relatively tight. Pylomatic jackets can reduce the friction of the underwear, and at the same time can cover the flesh.

Symmetry is important

When wearing a sexy underwear, try to keep your body symmetrical as much as possible to make it look more perfect.If you find that your body has some asymmetric places, you can try to use some shaped underwear to adjust.


The correct way to wear sex underwear allows underwear to better modify the figure.First adjust your shoulder strap to your own length, and don’t worry about slipping the shoulder strap.Then adjust the back buckle of the underwear to fully hold the chest and make the body line more beautiful.

Add accessory

Choosing suitable accessories for matching can further enhance the beauty of sexy underwear.For example, wear a delicate hat, choose the right bracelet or necklace, and so on.This can increase the beauty of the whole person and make the underwear more sexy.


In short, fat people can also wear beautiful and moving, as long as they choose a sexy underwear that suits them. In this way, even if the body shape is not perfect, they can show their sexy charm.

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