What are the keyword optimization of sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is no longer a mysterious stranger. They are becoming more and more common in the market, and they are very popular, not only because their design is very attractive, but also because they can bring a pleasant experience to users.EssenceToday, the Internet has become the standard of all walks of life, and the sexy underwear industry is no exception.In this article, I will focus on exploring the problem of optimizing the optimization of sexy underwear.

Understand the market of love underwear

Interest underwear is a strong competitive market, and many new brands emerge every year.Therefore, in order to enter this market and achieve success, we need to fully understand the market.The first thing to study is the target customer group, more accurately understanding their needs, expectations, and shopping habits. To this end, we can collect related keywords such as sexy underwear, sexy underwear, adult sex products, and European and American interests from Google’s keyword tools.

Choice of keywords

To optimize SEO optimization, you need to know the keywords in depth, and choose the keywords that meet your own site.In terms of keyword selection, we need to pay attention to the correlation, flow and competition level of keywords.If your site is a new website, it is recommended to choose long tail keywords priority. After doing the relevant content, you will gradually change the long tail to a short tail.

The density and frequency of keywords

The density of keywords refers to the frequency of keywords in the article. Generally speaking, the density of keywords requires between 1%and 5%.The frequency of use of keywords refers to the number of keywords appearing in the article. Excessive reuse using keywords will have a great negative effect on the evaluation of search engines, so it is necessary to be cautious when using keywords.

Optimization of title label

The title label is the title of the webpage. It is one of the important indicators of search engine crawlers to judge the content of the webpage. Therefore, the title label is very important for the optimization of sexy underwear keywords.We need to ensure that the title label contains target keywords, and the general length of the title tag should be within 60 characters.

Photo label optimization

In the web content, pictures can not only attract users’ attention, but also provide rich information.However, if the picture is not optimized, the search engine cannot accurately analyze it, which will affect the search ranking of the webpage.Therefore, we need to add appropriate Alt and Title attributes to each picture, which contains the part of the target keywords.

Optimization of internal links

Internal links can not only help users better understand our website, but also improve the collection and ranking of search engines on our website.We need to use keywords as anchor texts, internal links existing web pages, increasing the internal links of the website, focusing on focus, and strengthening the correlation of target keywords.

Optimization of external links

External links are also one of the important ways to increase internal links and increase the overall weight of keywords.We can embed the keywords related to the website into the article and ask other websites to use these keywords in external links.Make sure that these links are safe and will not be included by certain unsafe websites, and the number should not be too much.

Optimization of website structure

A good website structure is very helpful for the SEO of the website because it helps search engine to correctly evaluate the content of the website content.We need to ensure that the website structure can better organize the content of the website, and ensure that the website structure is clear, simple and easy to understand.


Finally, the content optimization of sexy underwear is also indispensable.We need to ensure the quality and length of the content, while constantly updating the information about and adding related information or other useful information.In addition, we also need to ensure the correlation of content.

in conclusion

The competition in the sexy underwear industry is becoming more and more intense, and SEO optimization is one of the necessary means for success.For the optimization of sexy underwear keywords, we need to choose the appropriate keywords and use it reasonably in the article to optimize the title label, internal link, external links, website structure and contentRank.

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