What is the use of sexy underwear beads?

What is sexy underwear beads

There are many erotic underwear beads, also known as a paralysis ring or a sensory circle. It is a equipment of sexy products. It is usually composed of fine lines and beads with adjustable lengths.It can stimulate women’s sensitive private parts and enable women to gain stronger sexual pleasure.

What types of Zhu Duo are

There are many different types of sexy underwear beads to choose from. Among them, different shapes such as single -grained balls, multiple gems, sweethearts, pentagrams, flowers, and pulse marbles can be selected according to their preferences.

How to use Zhuduo

For a long time using sexy underwear beads, you should first pass the thin line through the corresponding underwear or stick it to the sensitive private parts.Then gently adjust the line length, you can freely control the position of the bead according to personal needs and the strong and weakness of the stimulus.

Materials and production of pearls

The production materials of more sexual underwear beads are generally safe and non -toxic silicone, plastic, etc. The size and texture of the beads are also related to the relevant quality inspection, which meets the use standards.

A crowd suitable for Pearl

Interesting underwear beads are mostly suitable for couples, lovers, and couples who are closely close to marriage.For single people who are interested in sexual products and sexy underwear, you can also experience the impulse and stimulus brought about by Zhu.

Precautions for the use of Zhuo Duo

For a long time when choosing sexy underwear beads, it is recommended to choose some light, durable, and easy to clean.In the process of use, it is particularly important to pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of Zhuduo, and it is also important to choose a sterile brands.

The advantages and disadvantages of Zhuo Duo

The advantages of more sexy underwear beads are the scene of increasing interest, irritating sex, making sexual life more colorful and exciting; the disadvantage is that the beads are more sensitive and are vulnerable to stimulation and cause pain, itching and other discomfort.

Intimate reminder

Before using the sexy underwear beads, sufficient adjustment and preparation must be made, and hygiene is guaranteed.You can help women relax and improve their comfort through some soft interaction.

Suggestion of Zhuo Duo

Different models of sexy underwear beads are mostly applicable objects, and suitable groups and use effects are different.Therefore, when choosing, it is recommended to first understand the different types of sexy underwear beads, and choose the style that suits you according to your own experience and feelings.


Interest underwear beads are mostly a kind of auxiliary sexual activity equipment. In fact, it is also a way to express love and enhance emotion.Using this equipment moderately can improve the intimacy between husbands and wives or couples and increase the quality of sexual life of both sides.

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