What makeup of sexy underwear?

What makeup of sexy underwear?

What makeup can make us more fascinating and sexy when wearing sexy underwear?Let’s share some tips.

One, eye makeup

Both makeup or heavy makeup can be painted, but the eyeliner must be painted. You can use thick mascara to increase the eye makeup effect and make the eyes more godly.

Second, lip makeup

Lip makeup can choose bright or elegant, but be sure to keep the lips moist.You can also choose some popular colors, such as red, pink, etc., making you more sexy.

Three, eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows determines the entire face shape, and the exquisite eyebrow shape makes the whole person look more energetic.So be sure to organize your eyebrows.

Four, base makeup

You need to choose a thin liquid powder for base makeup, so that the base makeup can be more fitted with the skin.At the same time, using concealer can effectively cover the facial defects.

Five, hairstyle

The hairstyle can choose a variety of different styles such as straight, curly hair, but pay attention to some trimming and maintenance in order to better present the beauty of the haircut.

Six, perfume

Choosing a suitable perfume can increase your temperament and enhance self -confidence.But pay attention to the taste that suits you.

Seven, body figure

Maintaining a good figure is also an important aspect of showing sexy. Reasonable diet and appropriate exercise can help us maintain our figure.

Eight, posture

The correct attitude can make you look more slender. You must pay attention to walking, sitting, and standing, so that you can better show your temperament.

Nine, expressions

Having a pleasant expression for a long time makes you look more affinity and tolerance.

Ten, confidence

The most important point is that you must have self -confidence. The sexy underwear is to be more confident and self -love, and you have some expectations in your heart to better show sexy charm.

In general, wearing sexy underwear is to make yourself feel better and more confident. Makeup is an important part of it.At the same time, attitude, expression, body, aroma, temperament, etc. are important aspects. We should learn to match and deploy to show the most beautiful ourselves.

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