What shops are there in general sexy underwear?

General erotic lingerie buying place

To buy sexy lingerie, you can choose the following ways:

Sexy underwear shop

There are many shops on the market with sexy underwear, some of which provide adult products, while others are mainly used for women’s underwear.These shops usually have rich styles and size choices, and they are provided for trials to facilitate buyers to check the size and quality.

Special products store

Some shops that provide special supplies, such as sexual products stores, adult products stores, etc. will also provide sales and services for sex underwear.The products listed in these stores are richer and the supply is more stable.

Online purchase

Buying sexy underwear online can save time and cost.Shopping online can also be easier to view evaluation and product information.Buyers can easily compare prices and brands when shopping online, so as to get the best shopping experience.

Brand flagship store

Some brands of sexy underwear stores provide brand -related sexy underwear. Its design and quality are more suitable for brand loyal fans to buy, but the restriction is that the selection range is narrower.

Large shopping mall underwear counter

Large shopping malls usually have sex underwear supplies, and they are usually rich in styles and stylish.Counter salesperson can also help customers choose sizes and styles to help consumers find underwear that meets their needs.

The underwear shop created by the artist

Some artists and designers have created very unique sexy underwear. These underwear have high artistic and handmade fineness, but the price is high, suitable for consumers who pursue artistic taste and personalized consumers.

Popular clothing store

Some popular clothing stores provide sexy underwear in the underwear department, and the time and place are more selective.The restrictions on this purchase channel are relatively small styles provided by some stores, and there will be buyers competition, especially during the sales period.

Online platform

Many online platforms, such as Amazon, Taobao, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms also provide sex for lingerie sales and services.The advantages of these platforms are diverse types, transparent prices, and standardized services, but pay attention to the credibility of the merchant when buying.

Anti -counterfeit counter

Some sexy underwear brands will provide anti -counterfeit products in some specialty stores.Consumers can purchase sexy underwear that ensures quality at these counters. The price is usually more expensive, but the use effect is significant.


Different shopping methods (storefronts, networks, etc.) provide different advantages and restrictions.Consumers need to choose shopping paths according to their needs, learning fun underwear and brands, and the reputation of merchants.

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