What should I do if the sexy lingerie is torn?

What should I do if the sexy lingerie is torn?

Interest underwear is born to increase the fun and porn atmosphere.But if it is torn off in use, what should I do?How can we fully enjoy the happiness they bring?Here are several useful suggestions:

Observe underwear type

First, observe the type of sexy underwear.Sometimes, the drop of underwear may be due to the selection of error -size or type of underwear.For example, some sexy underwear is not suitable for women with large bra cups, which will cause underwear to fall part or all of the underwear.Make sure to choose a underwear that suits you, this situation can be avoided.

Try to use loose clothes

If you find that they are easy to fall while wearing some types of sexy underwear, in this case, you can try to choose more loose clothes.Loose clothing can help maintain the position of underwear, especially during the event.

Consider using a needle or other fixed methods

You can consider using a needle or other fixed ways to maintain the location of sexy underwear.Points can easily fix the underwear on your clothes without affecting your dress comfort.In addition, some sexy underwear has a buckle or strap, which can help fix the underwear.

Try to use better materials

Sex underwear is designed for a short period of time because they usually include some irritating characteristics.However, if the underwear is too short, this will not bring you happiness.You can choose to use better materials, such as rubber or metal hooks, which are usually more lasting than plastic.

Proper cleaning and maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear are also important methods to maintain its quality and location.Make sure your underwear is clean before using sexy underwear.And, according to the material and type of sexy underwear, clean and iron in the correct way, which can maintain the elasticity and quality of the underwear.

Buy high -quality sexy underwear

We all know that the price of most sexy underwear is cheaper.However, the value of quality is greater than these minority money.Buying high -quality sexy underwear can not only enjoy the stimulus they brought better, but also ensure its durability and appropriateness.

Seek professional help

If you cannot solve the problem of falling in sex under your situation, seeking professional help is a good choice.Ask other experienced people, or consult some stores that specialize in sexy underwear, they can provide useful suggestions.

Communicate your question

Finally, it is also important to communicate with your partner.Let them know what questions and ask their suggestions.You can find solutions together to better enjoy your sexy underwear and irritating activities.

in conclusion

When using sexy underwear, it is a very embarrassing thing.Therefore, you need to consider multiple ways to solve this problem.Choose the right underwear, choose the right clothes and fixed methods, correctly clean and maintain sexy underwear, buy high -quality sexy underwear, and seek professional help and communicate your problems. It is a good solution.I believe that through this article, you can find a way to solve your own problems.

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