Where is the physical store in Suzhou City Fun Underwear?

Where is the physical store in Suzhou City Fun Underwear?


Interest underwear is a fashion, healthy, and personalized option in modern women’s lives.However, if you want to buy genuine sexy underwear, you often need to go to physical stores.So, where is the sexy underwear store in Suzhou City?Please follow us!

Interesting underwear stores in the mall:

Among the major shopping malls in Suzhou City, there are common sex underwear shops such as Mary Daijia, Qianya Isa, Teenie Weenie.These shops not only have the quality of goods, but also give customers various services.

Interesting underwear counters in department stores:

If you don’t want to go to the store to find it, you can also go to major department stores to see.Such as New World Department Store, Hua Lian Commercial Building, etc. will be set up with interesting underwear counters.This way of shopping is convenient and fast.

Sexual products store:

Within Suzhou City, there are also some specialty stores mainly selling adult products.There will also be some sexy underwear for sale in these shops.However, it should be noted that such stores must be treated carefully. After choosing regular and legal stores, you must enter the purchase.

Interesting shop in the hotel:

In recent years, more and more hotels have opened sexy underwear stores in their hotels.If you live in the hotel, you can go to the hotel store to buy the sexy underwear you want.

Questy underwear specialty store:

There are also some sexy underwear camping stores in Suzhou.These shops are usually opened in relatively prosperous business areas, such as Suzhou Middle Road and Construction Road.You can enjoy more professional services when shopping in these stores.

Online shop:

Like the mainstream method of shopping, sexy underwear can also be purchased on major e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao, JD.com, Tmall.But this way of shopping must be noticed that it is important to choose the right merchant and the style suitable for them.

Shopping Street:

There are often some sexy underwear shops on the shopping mall streets in Suzhou City, such as Suning and Golden Eagle and other shopping malls. There are often some specialty underwear brands on the streets of shopping malls.Suitable for customers to buy and leave.

Private shopping will:

The last way may be relatively high -end and rare, which is private shopping.In these shopping meetings, customers can enjoy private customization and exclusive discounts.


In general, there are many ways to buy sexy underwear in Suzhou. Different consumers can choose the appropriate shopping method according to their needs and preferences.However, you need to pay more attention during shopping to ensure your property and personal safety.

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