Who are Taobao’s sexy underwear models?

1. Who is the sexy underwear model

The sex underwear sold on Taobao usually has some models to show the effect of sexy underwear on the sales page.Most of these models are professional models or amateur enthusiasts.But their contracts and identity information are usually confidential.

2. Model selection criteria

When selecting the emotional underwear model, the sexy underwear company usually considers factors such as body proportions, age, and facial features.The model of the model is well -proportioned, and the curve is beautiful, which can show the elegance and sexy of sexy underwear.At the same time, the age is between 18-30 years old, with clear facial features and elegant temperament, which can show the charm of natural and sexy.

3. Model recruitment method

Interest underwear companies usually recruit models through various ways, such as social platforms, model brokerage companies, advertisements and other channels.The recruitment method is mainly based on advertising, and some new products will also find models through competitions and other channels.

4. Model shooting environment

The shooting environment of sexy underwear needs to ensure privacy and high security, and avoid problems such as lighting.Generally, the shooting of sexy underwear is carried out in a specialized shooting shed, and the environment of these shooting sheds is very hidden and has a very high security prevention mechanism.

5. Models of models

The makeup and shapes of sexy underwear models are one of the key factors, which can help the model highlight their charm.It is usually sexy and gorgeous, and emphasizes the prominent of key parts, such as waist and shoulders.At the same time, many models also need to make makeup more expressive.

6. Model shooting time and salary

The time for sexy underwear models is usually from 9:00 in the morning to 18:00 pm. The day’s shooting time is about 8 hours.For models with excellent figures and outstanding appearances, the salary is relatively high, usually about 2000-5000 yuan per day.

7. The psychological pressure of sexy underwear models

Despite the self -confidence and sexy show of sexy underwear models, the psychological pressure of loads in the process of sex underwear is actually huge.Including concerns about your appearance, self -requirements for your ability, worry about your quality of life, and so on.

8. Future development of sexy underwear models

With the emergence of emerging companies and new brands in many Internet eras, the demand for sexy underwear models is also increasing.This provides a broad development prospect for everyone who is interested in becoming sexy underwear models, and continues to deepen and develop in their professional fields.

9. Many supermodels used to be sexy underwear models

At the same time, many top -level supermodels have also been sexy underwear models.For example, Qian Feng, at the age of 18, became a model of a sexy underwear company, and was favored by customers and high salary because of her outstanding appearance and talent.Since then, she has continuously refined her ability and eventually became an international supermodel.

10. Summary

In modern fashion, sexy underwear models are not only a profession, but also a symbol. They continue to approach the perfect image and connotation, and they have also shaped the good image of the sexy underwear industry.We must praise the sexy underwear models and respect their careers!

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