Will sexy underwear infectious diseases?

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a sexy and tempting clothing, which aims to help women enhance charm and make sexual life more colorful.Compared with traditional underwear, it usually pays more attention to the uniqueness of style, color and texture.

Falling underwear material

Interest underwear uses various materials, including cotton, silk, lace, fish net cloth, polyester fiber and nylon.These materials are both soft and elastic, and can provide extra comfort for women.In addition, some jewelry and sequins are also used in the design of sexy underwear.

Does sex underwear infectious diseases?

This is a very important issue. Some people think that because sexy underwear is usually worn before or in sexual affairs, it will increase the risk of infectious diseases.However, the sexy underwear itself does not infect viruses or bacteria, unless the underwear is infected with germs or someone is infected with germs when wearing underwear.

How to clean the erotic underwear

It is very important to clean the sex underwear after using it for a while. It is very important to keep the underwear clean.It is recommended to follow the following steps to clean the sexy underwear:

Wash the sexy underwear according to the explanation of the underwear label.

Do not wash the sexy underwear with hot water, which will cause the clothes to deform or damage.

You can use a washing machine or hand -washing sex underwear, but hand washing can better protect the texture of the clothes.

The wind is dry and the underwear is used to avoid drying with a dryer.

Save of sexy underwear

The environment where sexy underwear is dry and cool will be helpful, and at the same time, it must be placed in aerobic and ventilation places.Storing sexy underwear by following the correct method can protect the texture of the underwear and make them more lasting.

Falling underwear wearing time

Wearing sexy underwear or too tight underwear for a long time will cause adverse effects on the body.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must ensure that it can be comfortable and personal, without tightness, and do not wear it for a long time to avoid affecting health.

The material and sensitive skin of sex underwear

Some people may be allergic to sexy underwear materials, and the sensitive skin increases risks, so you need to pay attention to the material when choosing a sexy underwear.Artificial fiber is likely to cause skin allergies. Cotton or silk is more comfortable and healthier than synthetic fibers.

Conclusion: Does sexy underwear infectious diseases?

In general, sexy underwear itself does not bring infectious diseases.However, people wearing sexy underwear may have been infected with germs, or when wearing underwear, the germs are attached to underwear, which can cause disease transmission.Therefore, people need to maintain the cleanliness of sexy underwear, avoid contact with people who have infected with germs when wearing underwear, and reduce long -term wearing underwear.

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