Will you get wet if you take love underwear?


Interest underwear is a special underwear. Because of its unique design and style, it often brings a different sexy and tempting. Therefore, many women like to wear sexy underwear to create some romantic atmosphere, or shoot some interests.Underwear photos.However, many people will have a question when taking photos of sexy underwear: Is it wet to take sexy lingerie?This problem makes many people distress and confuse.In this article, we will provide some answers for this question.

The moisture absorption performance of sexy underwear material

The material of sexy underwear has a certain effect on the humidity during the shooting process.Under normal circumstances, the material of sexy underwear will affect its moisture absorption. If the underwear material is more hydrophilic, it is easy to be adsorbed by sweat and water, making people feel moist.However, this situation is mostly prone to occur in hot summer, and this touch will not occur under normal circumstances.

Impact of wearing environment

When taking sexy underwear photos, the environment and temperature of the sexy underwear will also affect the humidity of the photo.For example, when taking pictures in a high temperature and high humidity environment, people will feel more sullen and more prone to sweat and water during the shooting process, so the photos may appear more moist.In addition, if the physical condition is tight or excited, this will also be more likely to occur.

The relationship between makeup and climate

Makeup and climate also affect the humidity of photos of sexy underwear photos.Under a humid climate, it may affect the adhesion and durability of cosmetics, leading to the increase in face sweat and face oil, so people often feel more moist.On the other hand, the choice of cosmetics will also affect the photos taken. Some cosmetics with pearlite may appear some gloss in the photo, making the photo more moist.

The effect of lighting and shooting angle

When taking sexy underwear photos, the angle of light and camera will also affect the humidity of the photo.Some humidity may be caused by the reflection of the light, and sometimes the reflection light makes people feel more moist in skin and clothing.In addition, the angle of the camera may make the humidity performance in the photo different. At different angles, the lens may capture more luster, so that the photo looks more moist.


In order to avoid the effect of affecting the photos due to the humidity during the photo, you need to pay attention to the following points when taking photos of sexy underwear:

1. Choose the right place and time to avoid taking pictures in a humid and high temperature environment;

2. Choose high -quality cosmetics to avoid cosmetics from being too humid in the photos;

3. Adjust the angle of light and camera to avoid the humidity effect caused by the angle of light and camera.


Although the photos of sexy underwear may make people feel moist due to environmental factors and material factors, this situation can be avoided by the above methods when shooting.Some humidity and luster can even add the beauty of photos, but too much humidity will lose the original taste, so this needs to be paid attention to.


When taking sexy underwear photos, the humidity and humidity may appear, but it can be avoided by some methods.Pay attention to the environment, clothing, lighting and other aspects when taking pictures to ensure the effect and significance of the photo.

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