TRAINING 275 HELPERS: the urgency of a mental health challenge

EPSYSF’s aim is to help the population clinically by means of volunteer-based training for helpers in direct contact with the population

EPSYSF’s choice of partners was based on the need to ensure that its care-centred actions would have lasting effects and would spread. We felt that, if EFT energy healing was to benefit as many people as possible, the best approach would be to work in partnership with an organization that was already present, active and closely involved with the local population. The Haitian context is historically marked by poverty, where faith seems to be all that a deeply religious population has left. Hence, by virtue of the very nature of their oecumenical work, the seminarist priests from the Port au Prince seminary who work in ten regions of the country can truly be seen as clinicians, at the side of a population in distress.

We are grateful to the heads of this institution, Fathers Harold Durosier and Clarck De La Cruz for their collaboration in this project.

Our aim was to train 275 seminarists free-of-charge, and then to help them as they started to use EFT. The fact that this technique is so easy to learn and use autonomously made this choice seem judicious. As the tapping routine can be learned on one’s own energy points and then applied to other people who are suffering, there was likely to be a snowball effect. We also planned to teach this therapeutic approach to the heads of two orphanages in Port au Prince, and to treat 50 children who had lost their parents in the earthquake and its aftermath.

Je donne pour Haïti : cliquez sur l'image
Je donne pour Haïti : cliquez sur l'image

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