Tappy Bear to help children to practise EFT

This video shows the use of Tappy Bear at the Pétion-Ville Maison des enfants (orphanage) in Haiti. The EPSYSF team had written a nursery rhyme that was translated into Creole, and spent part of the afternoon playing with the children to teach them how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).



EPsySF in Haiti : an usefull action

In this video, Harold Durosier talks about the organization’s fieldwork and the challenges that lie ahead.



Welcome to the world of energy psychology in action


A very warm welcome to the website of Energies PSY Sans Frontières (Energy Psychology Without Borders). Thank you for your visit.

The following pages present and explain our operations in countries ravaged by natural disasters or war. The aim of EPSYSF is to provide free training for people in these countries in the use of energy psychology techniques, to alleviate the mental and physical suffering of populations with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
On this website you’ll find up-to-date articles on the effectiveness of these energy psychology techniques and how they work, as well as examples of American therapists’ action in Rwanda with the general population and, in the US, with Gulf War veterans.

As you read these pages you’ll learn more about EPSYSF’s work and we hope that you’ll want to share the EPSYSF philosophy: enabling as many people as possible to permanently overcome physical and mental suffering. If so, you can support us by becoming a member or by helping to fund EPSYSF.

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Claudie Caufour: President of Energies Psy Sans Frontières


Je donne pour Haïti : cliquez sur l'image
Je donne pour Haïti : cliquez sur l'image

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