2018 Moscow sex underwear show

Moscow’s sexy underwear show: the perfect combination of sexy and creative

In April 2018, Moscow held a grand erotic underwear show.A variety of sexy underwear shuttled on the models, attracting the attention of many audiences.In this show, the perfect combination of creative design and sexy elements presents a stunning visual feast.

Sexy underwear style

Sexy underwear includes a variety of styles: European and American style, Japanese and Korean style, fresh and cute.This time Moscow’s sexy underwear show mainly shows the European and American style and Japanese and Korean -style sexy underwear.

European and American style sexy underwear

European and American -style sexy underwear focuses on sexy, luxurious and noble.Therefore, designers usually use exquisite fabrics, lace silk, lace, leather and other materials.At the same time, strengthening the design of the chest is also a significant feature of European and American style sexy underwear.

Japanese and Korean style sexy underwear

Japanese and Korean -style sexy underwear pays more attention to cuteness, freshness and natural feelings.Both color and design will remain simple, giving people a sweet and fresh feeling.This style of sexy underwear is commonly used in the material of the gauze and light cotton fabric.

Sexy underwear design

The design style of Moscow’s sexy lingerie show is mainly creative.It can be seen from the design elements that designers have fully added various innovative elements, such as angel wings, lace fabrics, beads, sequins, silk belts, and so on.These design elements are combined with stitching and mixing and matching, showing full of personalized sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear color

The colors of sexy underwear are also different, but the bright and bright colors are more popular.There are many colors such as red, black, pink and nude colors shown in the sexy underwear show in Moscow’s sexy underwear show.

Sexy underwear wearing skills

Sexy underwear is used as a private clothing, and it is skillful to wear.In addition to the choice of size and material, the way of dressing is also very important.Some sexy underwear also needs to be supplemented with accessories such as suspenders, stockings, and high heels.Simply wear it with jewelry such as lipstick and earrings, or a smiley face pattern on tops or coats to highlight your sense of humor.

Sexy underwear material

Interest underwear requires soft and comfortable materials, while at the same time, it must have a certain toughness and support.At present, the mainstream erotic underwear materials on the market are: lace, silk, mixed cotton, imitation leather, etc.

Sexy underwear match

Sex underwear can be worn directly as a lower dress, or it can be matched with other clothing.For example, it can be matched with sexy underwear with denim jackets, casual shirts, and can also be matched with dresses, tulle shirts and other.Interest underwear is also very suitable for sexy stockings, high heels, etc., to enhance the overall sexy effect.

Suitable for sexy underwear on different occasions

Sexy underwear required in different occasions is also different.In dating or celebrations, the matching of sexy underwear can be more casual, and you can choose the colorful underwear; in formal occasions, it is more suitable for choosing a relatively low -key but unique underwear.For example, light pink silk lace underwear can also take care of sexy and decent on professional occasions.


Sexy underwear is no longer dull and single.The designer fully incorporates more creative elements and makes sexy underwear more diverse.Matching appropriate sexy underwear on different occasions to create exclusive personalities to make each woman more beautiful and confident.In the future, we look forward to more styles and more attractive sexy underwear.

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