Beauty starts to try on sexy underwear

Beauty starts to try on sexy underwear

Beauty trial wearing sexy underwear: exploring the world of sexy and beautiful underwear world

With the development of society, people’s understanding of sex is getting deeper and deeper, and the requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. More beauty and gentlemen have begun to try erotic underwear to enhance life.If you are preparing to start a set of erotic underwear, but I don’t know how to get started, then you are coming to the place!This article will explore the precautions and purchasing suggestions for you when you try to try to wear sexy underwear.

1. Buy of bottom pants: Select the right size and style

Underpants are an important part of sexy underwear. Its sexy and comfortable relationship is related to your experience.Therefore, when you choose a bottom pants, you must pay attention to the size and style.The most basic requirements for the size are not only more comfortable to wear in size, but also will not make you feel embarrassed.In terms of style, you can choose according to your body and preferences, such as a variety of styles such as lace materials, strap style, low waist, or high waist, so that you are both sexy and highlighting your personality.

2. Selection of bra: Consider your own chest shape and material

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For women, bra is one of the underwear parts that cannot be ignored in sexy underwear.When choosing a bra, in addition to the size, you must also consider your chest shape and the selected underwear material.The choice of chest shape is directly related to the image of the whole person. Too tight, excessive compression or inappropriate cups will make your chest deformation or discomfort, so choose a bra that suits you according to your figure and preference.In addition, the material is also very important. You can choose comfortable and soft fabrics such as silk cotton or smooth and transparent lace material.

3. The choice of cover: pursuing styles and details

The cover is an important part of women’s sexy underwear. When choosing, pay attention to fabrics and versions.The fabric can choose a variety of materials according to your physical function, preferences and situations. For example, a cardigan cover can be selected with transparent or bright lace and silk, while the crescent hood can choose to look more mysterious and sexy black.Edition is also an important consideration. Choosing tight or looseness can be based on your body and preferences.

4. The choice of stockings: the choice of party atmosphere and fun

Underwear with a pair of sexy stockings will add more fashion elements and interesting experiences.When buying, you can choose socks of different heights, styles, colors and patterns to match your underwear to create a party atmosphere and fun experience.If your underwear is more fleshy, it is recommended to choose socks with strong colors. On the contrary, you can choose a bright or luxurious socks.

5. Choose of pajamas: comfortable and relaxed choice

Sex underwear also needs comfortable pajamas like ordinary underwear.In the choice of pajamas, the breathability and comfort are the primary. You can choose cotton fabric or thin silk material, and you can also choose some texture details, such as stitching and hollowing, etc., so that the whole underwear is more perfect and excellent.

6. The choice of pink series belt: add soft and cute

In terms of sexy underwear, the belt of the pink series is one of the important factors of men and women.They can add soft and cute temperament, and they are suitable for all figures.Whether it is a small and smart belt, a butterfly -like lace or a pure light, it is a classic design that attracts eye -catching.

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7. The choice of housekeeping style: enhance the inner self -confidence

Everyone has their own housekeeping styles and preferences, which can make us feel comfortable and safe.When you start trying sexy underwear, you can also choose your own housekeeping style and match according to your preference.A good mentality and confidence can also enhance the inner self -confidence through the choice of sexy underwear.

8. Cleaning and maintenance: ensure the life of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear looks beautiful and sexy, they need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to ensure the service life.Before going to bed, try to avoid applying oil -based external products and use too hot water washing. Finally, you can use hand washing or special drying.At the same time, avoid drying and hang it in a ventilated place.


How to choose a beautiful woman’s sexy underwear?Realizing that underwear is an important part of increasing sexual life and interest, sexy underwear is no longer a concept of far away from you.Selecting underwear types, sizes and styles correctly will not only make your sex life more tasteful, but also increase your charm and confidence.When choosing a sexy underwear, I hope that readers can choose according to their own conditions and needs, so as to truly play with the heart!