Beauty wearing kimono sexy underwear

Beauty wearing kimono sexy underwear

In modern Japanese culture, in addition to being used as a traditional Japanese clothing, the kimono is also used as a festival celebration, a wedding wedding, and other cultural activities.This traditional Japanese clothing is very beautiful, and often matches with sexy underwear, which also increases the charm of beauty.So, how is it better to match the kimono and fun underwear? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction of 8 to 10 paragraphs.

Sex underwear purchase

If you want to wear a kimono and sexy underwear, the first thing you need to do is to buy the right sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose a comfortable sexy underwear.The size and style of the underwear should be selected according to your body shape and preference, and you cannot blindly pursue prices or follow the trend.After choosing a underwear that suits you, you can start considering matching.

Match kimono underwear

When you choose the right sexy underwear, the next step is to match the kimono.But not all kimono styles are suitable for matching and sexy underwear. There are some common matching to pay attention.

1. Grass flower kimono with small fresh underwear

Caohua kimono is a strong rural atmosphere, suitable for matching small fresh underwear.For example, choosing pink or white underwear can increase the gentleness of kimono.

2. Long -sleeved kimono with lace underwear

Long -sleeved kimono is often more solemn. At this time, you can match sexy lace underwear.The lace elements of lace can highlight the sensibility and luxury of the underwear.

3. Flower silk and kimonos with lace stockings

Flower silk and kimono feels very charming.It can be paired with lace stockings to make the whole person look sexy and noble.

4. Elegant kimono with black underwear

Black underwear is one of the most classic sexy underwear, suitable for matched with a condiviled kimono.Black underwear can highlight the low -key elegance of kimono, making people more fascinating to your beauty.

Comparative color matching

When choosing a kimono, you can match sexy underwear of various colors. The color matching is very important.Some common colors are as follows:

1. Purple kimono with pink underwear makes the whole more exotic.

2. Red kimono with black underwear, very luxurious and strong color contrast.

3. Green kimono can be paired with light -colored underwear, which can create a gentle and fresh atmosphere.

Connect and underwear fabric

The fabrics of kimono are usually strong prints, as well as fabrics with very good gloss, as well as many erotic lingerie fabrics.Therefore, when matching, pay attention to whether the material of the underwear matches the material of the kimono.For example, the kimono is made of printed fabric. You can choose a soft cotton underwear.For a kimono made of gloss fabric, you can choose to match silk underwear, which can make you full of noble atmosphere.

Hair style and makeup

If you want to make the matching kimono sexy underwear more outstanding, then your hairstyle and makeup are also very important.It should be based on simplicity, choosing the hairstyle and makeup that suits you, which will make the effect of kimono sexy underwear more perfect.

Recommended kimono sexy underwear

Finally, you will recommend some sexy underwear that is very suitable for the beauty.

1. Kimono underwear -drawing on the design elements of Japanese kimono, reminiscent of the ancient Japanese geisha.This underwear is suitable for light -colored kimonos, which can easily create a gentle atmosphere.

2. Flowing underwear -Unlike the design of traditional sexy underwear, the underwear is covered with flowers like blooming flowers, and can be paired with some simple or patterns with simple kimonos.

3. Dress underwear -jacket underwear is very suitable for formal kimono.If the matching is well matched, it can naturally present the temperament of the lady.


With a kimono and sexy underwear not only need to pay attention to the color, material, style, etc. of the underwear, but also consider the attributes of the kimono itself.It is recommended to choose love underwear according to the material and patterns of kimono, which can better highlight the charm of kimono.At the same time, underwear and kimono do not have to match the perfect match. What is important is that we can choose suitable underwear based on different occasions and kimono styles and make more creative combinations.

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