Bikini sexy underwear swimsuit

1 Introduction

Bikini sex underwear and swimsuit is a clothes -style sexy underwear and swimsuit, consisting of the upper cup and the lower pants.With the continuous development of the sexy clothing industry, bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit have become a new fashion trend.Its design concept is to show a sexy and charming curve for women and double the self -confidence.

2. Types

The types of bikini sexy underwear and swimsuit are very diverse. Common styles include triangular bikini, front buckle bikini, thong bikini, etc.These styles can show the charming and sexy side of women. With suitable high heels or accessories, it can also highlight the elegant and elegant temperament of women.

3. Material selection

The material choice of bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit is essential for the wearing experience.Generally speaking, common materials are silk, lace, cotton, fiber, etc. Each material has its unique characteristics and suitable occasions.When selecting the material, consider comfort, sexy, easy maintenance and other factors to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.

4. Color matching

The color matching of bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit is also important.The combination of different colors such as bright colors, light colors, and dark colors can show different personalities and charm of women.When choosing color, consider your skin color, temperament and occasion.For example, dark bikini chooses to be more suitable for workplace white -collar workers or office workers.

5. Size selection

Bikini sexy underwear swimsuit selection is also very important.Before buying, you need to accurately measure your body size to determine the size range that suits you.Generally speaking, the size of bikini sex underwear and swimsuit is usually divided into digits of S, M, L, etc., but the size of different brands may be slightly different. It is necessary to carefully compare the brand’s size table to confirm the appropriate size.

6. Recommended recommendation

The combination of bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit also needs to consider the integrity of the whole body.With suitable high heels, sunglasses, jewelry, etc., the shape can be more perfect.For example, choosing a pair of flat beach shoes or high -heeled sandals on the beach, plus a large sun hat, can make people feel a relaxed vacation feeling.

7. Maintenance

The maintenance and maintenance of bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit also needs special attention.When cleaning, it should be rinsed with water and uses a neutral detergent.Do not use bleaching agents to reduce the time of sun exposure.In addition, when wearing, avoid contact with hard objects to avoid damage or scratches.

8. Scenes

Bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit are suitable for different occasions.For example, during the beach vacation, you can choose to wear a bikini swimsuit to show a sexy side; when playing with water in the swimming pool, you can choose a relatively simple and comfortable style to ensure that the activity is free and avoid unnecessary trouble.On some formal occasions, especially at night evenings, you can choose a bikini sexy underwear that is also repaired internally and outside, which not only retains the sexy characteristics, but also achieves decent and noble results.

9. Suitable body shape

Not everyone is suitable for everyone to wear.When choosing, you need to choose the right style according to your body.For example, the triangular bikini is suitable for women with slim figures, and the front buckle bikini is suitable for women with larger chests. Through pants bikini is suitable for women with full hips.

10. Summary view

Bikini sex lingerie and swimsuit are one of the essential items for women’s fashion.Choosing a suitable style, material, color, and correct size can make women wear more comfortable, sexy, and confident.Choosing a suitable occasion and paying attention to maintenance are the key to making bikini sexy underwear and swimsuit wearing more beautiful and touching.The most important thing is that in the process of wearing, we must adhere to a confident and self -love attitude to show the elegant temperament and charming charm of women.

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