Chen Yanxi’s sexy underwear incident


On July 10, 2021, a shocking news came out in the entertainment industry: Chen Yanxi’s selfie -taking photos of the self -take was exposed.It is reported that this group of photos was taken in her bed. She wore black sexy underwear with a charming expression and beautiful posture.This incident caused a strong response in the entertainment industry.

Introduction to sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear.It has a relatively naked design that can magnify the sexy charm of women and make women look more charming and charming.The style, material, color, etc. of sex underwear are very diverse.

Disputes caused by the Chen Yanxi incident

Chen Yanxi’s selfie -taking photos of sexy underwear spread on the Internet, causing widespread attention from the media.This incident triggered some controversy.Some people think that Chen Yanxi has made a mistake in "hype" and "selling meat".It is also believed that this is the private behavior of an adult woman and should not be interfered and criticized too much.

About "selling meat"

Some people think that Chen Yanxi took a photo of self -take -in sex underwear for hype and selling meat.In this view, Chen Yanxi is constantly promoting and marketing for her career and reputation.But we need to see that Chen Yanxi is already a relatively successful artist, and her acting career has a better foundation.On this basis, she does not need to do excessive hype and controversy to attract people’s attention.

Respect for personal privacy rights

Some people think that Chen Yanxi’s selfie -taking photos of sexy underwear is her personal behavior as an adult woman and should be respected and protected.In this view, we should respect and protect everyone’s personal privacy and personality dignity.As a public figure, Chen Yanxi also has the same privacy and personality dignity as ordinary people.The private affairs of any public figure should be respected and protected, and should not be excessively exposed or distorted.

The perspective of female physical and sexual autonomy

In the Chen Yanxi incident, we can also see some views on women’s physical and sexual autonomy.In this view, women should have autonomy to freely choose their own clothes and expression.As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear is not a kind of improper or vulgar thing, but a way to legally express female sexy and confidently.

Normalization and popularization of sexy underwear

Women’s sexy charm and sexual autonomy should be respected and protected, and sexy underwear should also be normalized and popularized.Interest underwear is not an alternative or abnormal thing, but a thing that allows women to reflect their charm.Interest underwear has been favored and supported by more and more women, and its market prospects will be very broad in the future.

Consumers’ needs for sexy underwear

As a consumer product, the sales market of sexy underwear is becoming more and more extensive.Many consumers are willing to spend more money to buy high -quality sexy underwear, which shows the huge potential of the sexy underwear market.Consumers’ demand for sexy underwear is getting higher and higher, and the market will become larger and larger.

Business opportunities and risks brought by erotic underwear

The large growth of the sexy underwear market has brought rich business opportunities and risks.Sex underwear companies need to develop more products and adopt more publicity methods to attract consumers.However, there are also some bad companies in this market, and the quality of the product launched is not qualified and the service is not in place.Consumers should be alert to these bad companies and make wise choices.


Chen Yanxi’s sexy underwear incident is not a simple matter, it has triggered people’s views and views on sexy underwear and women’s bodies.In this incident, we should respect Chen Yanxi’s personal privacy and personality dignity. At the same time, we should also work hard for women’s sexual autonomy and the normal development of sexy underwear.Of course, the development of the sexy underwear market also needs to have more conscience companies to join and participate, bringing consumers with healthier and high -quality products and services.

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