Couples sexy underwear extreme temptation Jingdong self -employment

1. The definition of sexuality couples sexy underwear

Sexual and sex couples are a kind of underwear launched by combining the characteristics of couple’s life. It aims to stimulate the love needs of love through visual and touch, increase the taste of life and the sense of tacit understanding between husband and wife.

Second, couple sexy underwear style

The design of the love underwear style of the couple is mainly divided into lace, leather, mesh, embroidery, lace and other styles. It is extremely tempting. It is commonly used in color to use red, black, white, pink, blue, etc. from all kinds of clothing and sex supplies.Create a more free and interesting experience.

Basic classification

Couple sexy underwear is divided into multiple types of use, such as character playing underwear, SM sexy underwear, uniform sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear, etc., suitable for people with different needs, so as to achieve more experience in life such as enthusiasm.

Fourth, the size selection of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the size selection. This item is designed according to the average body of the crowd. It is recommended to understand the size of yourself and your partner when buying to choose the appropriate sexy underwear.

5. Take care of their own needs

When choosing a couple’s sexy underwear, you should decide according to their own needs, and take into account the psychological and sexual needs of both parties, and choose items blindly.

6. Quality and materials

The quality of sexy underwear is usually divided into high -quality products and ordinary products. The materials used are also one of the key factors that distinguish quality. Therefore, when buying, don’t just take care of the price, and the quality is equally important.

Seven, occasion selection

Different couples are suitable for different occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday celebration, wedding anniversary, etc. Choosing the right sexy underwear can double your life.

8. Fashion match

Many underwear brands have incorporated the sexy underwear in the fashion underwear design, with appropriate clothes, showing the sexy and charm of modern urban people.

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10. Summary

Couples sexy underwear is a condiment and stimulator in modern emotional life. Choosing suitable sexy underwear can promote the feelings and trust between husband and wife, and build a romantic and happy family life.

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