Fun underwear milk ring novel

Fun underwear milk ring novel

Fun underwear milk ring novel

Interesting underwear is a kind of clothing in recent years. They have unique design and novel styles. They can visually stimulate people’s sexual interests. Among them, it is the most special in sexy underwear. What exactly is the milk ring sex underwear?Next, please listen to Xiaobian to answer for everyone.

What is the milk ring sex underwear?

The milk ring erotic underwear is a unique design of sexy underwear. Its biggest feature is that it adds hard decorations similar to rings to the chest. The term "milk ring" also comes from this.

How to use the milk ring sex underwear

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The use of milk ring sex underwear is very simple. You only need to wear the milk ring on the nipples and then wear sexy underwear.Of course, while wearing a milk ring, you also need to pay attention to cleaning work.

Classification of milk ring sex underwear

The milk ring sex lingerie can be divided into many different types according to the material, decoration and other factors.Among them, the more common ones include metal milk rings, handmade weaving milk rings.

Metal milk ring

The metal milk ring material is tough, the metal luster is bright, the service life is relatively long, and the cold texture of the metal milk ring can also increase the sexy grace of users.

Hand -woven milk ring

The hand -woven milk ring design style is unique, colorful, soft and comfortable to touch, and the price is cheaper. It is loved by the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Dressing effect of milk ring sex underwear

After wearing a dairy ring, due to the existence of the milk ring, the chest will be fuller visually, which is especially suitable for those women with less introverted and relatively small busts to put it on it and devote themselves to romantic nights.

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Precautions for milk ring sex underwear

When wearing a sexy lingerie, you need to pay attention to cleaning work to avoid infection with breeding bacteria.In addition, when using the milk ring erotic underwear, it is also necessary to follow medical common sense to avoid the occurrence of serious consequences due to improper use.


Regardless of what type of milk ring erotic underwear, they have a certain uniqueness and sense of design.Putting on the dairy lingerie can not only increase self -confidence, but also add a freshness to the adventure in love.Of course, when using the milk ring erotic underwear, you must not pursue over -excessiveness and keep it moderately to enjoy the good night.