How to draw sexy underwear pictures ladies

How to draw sexy underwear pictures ladies

How to draw sexy underwear pictures ladies

When you want to draw a sexy underwear, you need to consider many elements.From the material of clothing to the proportion of women’s bodies, each item needs to be considered.Here are some points.


Before starting, you need to collect some pictures of sexy underwear.These pictures can be collected from the Internet.When you have enough sample pictures, you can start drawing.

Female body ratio

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Before drawing a lady in love, you need to understand the proportion of women’s bodies.The proportion of women’s body is a basic element of the picture.Usually women’s height is about 7 head heights.The distance from the chest to the waist is 3 head height, and the distance from the waist to the knee is about 4 head height.

Outline of the body

Before you draw a lady in the lingerie, you need to draw the outline of the female body.This can be completed by simple geometric shapes.You can use a circle to represent the head, and use a rectangular representative to the body.When you draw the outline, you can see the curve, waistline and outline of the female body.

Add clothing

After drawing the outline of the body, you can now add clothing.You need to consider the style, material and texture of sexy underwear.Underwear is usually translucent, which is a detail that needs special attention.After drawing the shape of the sexy underwear, add appropriate texture to the underwear.When drawing details, pay special attention not to excessive details.

Add shadows and details

Adding shadows and details is one of the key to painting the ladies of painting.The shadow treatment is good, which can make the whole picture look more three -dimensional.The treatment of shadows needs to be considered the source and tools of light.At the same time, adding details can make women’s body and sexy underwear more textured.

Processing color and details

Treatment of color and details is the last step of painting a ladies of painting.To handle the color and texture of women’s physical and sexy underwear.Correctly handling the color can make the picture more vivid and more attractive.And adding appropriate texture can make the picture more realistic and more interesting.



When drawing the details of sexy underwear, the importance of details to the entire picture must be taken into account.Correctly handling the details will make the picture more vivid and more attractive.

at last

The above is the basic point of drawing a lady of the Instead.Being a best painter requires hard work to train skills and continuous practice.In this way, in continuous practice, your painting skills will become better and better.