How to get the name Daquan in the sexy underwear store

How to get the name Daquan in the sexy underwear store


According to market demand, more and more sexy underwear stores began to compete in the market, so it is very important to give your own attractive name for your own store.A good store name can not only attract more potential customers, but also make your brand more credible and professional.This article aims to help you create an attractive erotic lingerie store name.

Natural image

If your sex lingerie shop concept is based on nature, you can consider the name of this store name, such as: flowers bloom, forests, or fairy tale forests.

Spicy humor

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Fun humorous shop names, such as: macho naked, stockings tribe, extramarital affairs first aid station, etc., can attract attention well.


The way to go around the road gives people to create a kind of association emotion and psychology, and it will also be avoided and protected in terms of scale.It is recommended that such mature players take some euphemistic store names, such as: red soul, pure love, tenderness and honey.

Straight white

Merchants who choose this way need to choose the name of the store carefully, and the local culture and market need to be considered, otherwise they will lose money.But such a store name will be more direct and shocking.Common names also include: color demon cave, nostalgic feelings, and so on.

Beauty companion

Beauty companionship reflects the brand concept conveyed from underwear, and aims to provide white -collar workers with beautiful and confident choices.The most common is the names reflected in all parts of women’s bodies with Katado and Dream Castle.

Visual rendering

Visual rendering can create its own brand through specific colors or shapes, such as strong red, sexy black.These colors are usually used as the theme color in the store name.

Head Wear


Differential is also very important. For example, using a unique language name, even if people can’t say nicely, it is easy to understand and memorize."Love House" and "Silk Wheel Friendship" are all good examples.

Fantastic style

The names of fantasy style often have some mysterious and incredible feelings, such as: purple dreams, snow mountain adventure, etc.

Music element

Covering the name of music elements may help educate and enhance the atmosphere in sexy underwear shops, such as: the melody and youth positive energy.

Brand Style

Regardless of your sexy underwear style, a good brand style can mark and enhance your brand value.For example: Sexy Lingerie, Rose Langerie, etc.

in conclusion

The store name of your sex underwear store is very important in many aspects, including attracting more potential customers and strengthening your brand image.Your store name should reflect your brand philosophy and the required tone.I hope the guidelines of this article can help you choose a shop name of an attractive, meaningful sexy underwear shop!