How to make a Taobao gallery for sex underwear

Learn Taobao gallery

Taobao gallery is a basic picture storage and use tool for Taobao sellers. Through Taobao gallery, sellers can upload and store pictures corresponding to the baby for the display of baby details page.

Why do you make a Taobao gallery

The benefits of doing Taobao gallery are many aspects.First of all, you can easily manage your baby pictures. You do n’t have to upload it every time you go to the shelves, reducing the operating cost of the user.

Choose high -quality sexy underwear pictures

Before uploading pictures, we need to ensure the quality of the picture. Only good quality pictures can cause potential buyers’ interest.Therefore, we need to choose high -quality sexy underwear pictures, including background, shooting angle, color, clarity and other aspects.

Classified according to style

In order to better organize the gallery, we can classify pictures according to the style, such as different models, different colors, different styles, and so on.In this way, we can quickly and conveniently searches the required pictures.

Shoot different angles

In order to better display the goods, we need to shoot different angles.For example, you need to take multiple photos such as front, side, back, details, etc. to facilitate users to understand in detail.

Follow the background and light

A good background and light are critical to the quality of the photo. We can choose a solid color background or the background of the blur to shoot to highlight the focus of sexy underwear.

Picture size and format

Before uploading the picture, we need to ensure that the format of the picture is JPEG format and control the size of the picture.It is recommended not to exceed 1MB in size, so as to ensure the rapid loading speed of the picture.

Maintain diversity

To attract more users, we need to maintain the diversity of pictures.You can choose different models for shooting, or you can take some details to allow users to better understand the details of love underwear.

Use labels to facilitate search

In the Taobao gallery, we can add labels to each picture for easy search.When adding labels, you can add descriptive information such as styles, colors, models, etc., so that users can easily search for pictures they need.

Organize with the baby details page

Finally, when organizing Taobao gallery, it is necessary to combine with the baby details page to make the picture better display.All related pictures can be placed under the same folder to facilitate later management and maintenance.


Making Taobao Gallery is very important for the sales of sexy underwear. Only with a good picture library and clear picture display can users buy our products more confident and trust.It is hoped that the above tips can help sellers better use the Taobao gallery to increase the exposure and transaction rate of the baby.

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