I found that people who like it like sexy underwear

I found that people who like it like sexy underwear

Step 1: Find something in common

It is an interesting thing to find that people you like also like sexy underwear.However, if you don’t know the taste of the other party, how can you discover this in common?First of all, you can pay attention to the likes and comments on the other party’s social media, or insert some related topics in the dialogue.If the other party responds to such topics, it can be further discussed.

At the same time, you can also pay attention to the style of the other party.If the other party often wears sexy and exposed clothes, there is greater possibility that TA likes sexy underwear.vice versa.

Step 2: Know the style and style

After determining the other party’s love underwear, you need to understand various styles and styles.Sexy, cute, seductive, elegant, playful and other different styles have corresponding styles.You can find inspiration in various sexy underwear shops or websites, and observe different styles and styles in order to choose appropriate gifts.

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When choosing, appropriate adjustments need to be made according to the personality of the other party.For example, if the other party is more introverted and low -key, the excessively exposed style may make TA feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing, you need to judge the personal characteristics of the other party.

Step 3: Select suitable size

In order to make the gift more practical and significant, you need to understand the size of the other party.This is a very important job. If the size is not right, then the gift is not only unavailable, but also makes the other party feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

When you understand the other’s size, you can ask the other party in various ways.For example, inquiries or excuses to judge the size of the same -sex friends with a slightly larger body size than your own body.Of course, you can also go to the store with the other party to try to buy, so that the other party can understand your care and consideration more deeply.

Step 4: Choose the right material

In addition to styles and sizes, materials are also an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Different materials are different and feel different. You need to choose according to the preferences and comfort of the other party.

Of course, it is also necessary to consider the other person’s skin sensitivity.If the other person’s skin is sensitive, you can choose a sexy underwear of pure cotton or natural fibers. This material has the characteristics of mild, breathable and difficult to allergic.

Step 5: Exquisite workmanship and design

Even if you choose the correct style, size and material, if the workmanship and design of the underwear are not good, it will affect the quality and effect of the gift.High -quality sexy underwear is usually finely worked on the seams, lining and accessories.


When choosing, you can pay attention to details, such as whether the stitching is flat, whether the accessories are firm, whether the fabric is comfortable, and so on.If you have conditions, you may wish to experience it yourself, so that you can better understand the quality and feel of the underwear.

Step 6: Packaging and Gift Payment Method

After completing the purchase, you need to consider the packaging and gifts of gifts.Beautiful packaging can better reflect the high quality of the gift and your intentions.You can choose representative gift packaging or customized exclusive gift packaging to enhance the personalization and sense of ritual of gifts.

In terms of gift giving, you can choose to send it to each other in person, or use the courier and other methods to send it.Different methods will have a different impact on the significance and feelings of the gift.When choosing a gift to give gifts, you need to sports to the other party’s personal preferences and characteristics to maximize the significance and value of the gift

Step 7: Attitude and communication

Sending fun underwear for others is a thing that requires carefulness and patience.It is necessary to maintain a good attitude and patience, and give patient communication and explanation when the other party needs it, so that the other party can better understand your intentions and care.

For the sender, you need to convey your attitude and emotions to the other party, so that the other party feels your care and love for him/her.When giving gifts, do not pursue external effects too much, but pay attention to communicating with the other person’s mind in order to achieve the satisfaction of the mind and form.

Step 8: Remember and follow

Gifts are just the beginning. Real spiritual care and performance need to be continuously presented in the future.Remember to pay attention to the taste and needs of the other party, always pay attention to the other party’s preferences and status, give appropriate attention and show love, so that the other party can feel your existence and attention.

Share with each other’s mood and worry, help him/her solve trouble and problems, so as to maintain the quality and strength of emotional life.

Step 9: Stimulate inner self -confidence

Sexy content and performance often bring people a sense of satisfaction and confidence.As a sender, you can help the other party to inspire the inner self -confidence by sending sex underwear, making the other party more confident, confident and attractive.

When the other party realizes that he can express himself in sexy and confidently, this inner beauty and charm will be more unique.At this time, sexy underwear is not only a gift, but also a catalyst that stimulates inner beauty and confidence.

Step 10: Conclusion

Sending sex underwear is a novel, interesting and can express emotions and love.However, in the selection and gift itself, there are many factors, including styles, sizes, materials, packaging, gifts, attitudes and attention, etc. Only by comprehensively considering these factors can the gifts make the gift more meaningful and practicalvalue.In the end, rely on your own choices and thoughts to make the other party feel your care and love for him/her.