Increased underwear

Increased underwear

Title: Instead of Fun Clothing


Interest underwear is the incarnation of many women to increase self -confidence and self -esteem.Many times, sexy underwear is more aimed at the male market.Using sexy underwear will make you more confident in terms of sex.When choosing sexy underwear, consider several factors, such as physical type, comfort, material quality and other factors.

Suitable sexy underwear type

When selecting sexy underwear, you should choose the style that is best for your body and personality.According to your figure and comfort, consider the following sexy underwear types:

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1. No material bra and underwear: The unexpected bra and panties are suitable for women with small bodies, and can show their sexy side.These erotic underwear are most suitable for women who want to show the carcass.

2. Cup underwear: Cup underwear is suitable for big breasts, because they can provide more secure support for women’s breasts.Therefore, when choosing a cup underwear, pay special attention to comfort.

3. Candy pants and G string pants: Candy pants and G string pants are sexy and fashionable representatives. They are obviously used to show the body curve.Therefore, they are suitable for sexy women.

4. Lace conjoin underwear: Lace conjoin underwear is very sexy because they can fully show the perfect figure of women.These underwear are suitable for women with perfect figure curves and hope to show more men.

5. Always choose the right size: the suitable size is an important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Choosing unsuitable size can cause discomfort and even affect the appearance.Therefore, choosing the appropriate size is crucial.

Material quality

When you choose sexy underwear, you should consider the quality of the material.Most sexy underwear is made of nylon, polyester fiber, silk or lace.You can choose according to your personal preference.

1. Sexy underwear of polyester fibers and nylon: The sexy underwear of these materials is usually cheap, so it is the first choice for many consumers.These underwear are not only sexy, but also freely choose various colors and styles.

2. Silk erotic underwear: Silk sex lingerie is a high -end choice.They are high -quality and more comfortable.Silk erotic underwear has the characteristics of comfort and gloss, and is a choice that many women like.


3. Lace erotic underwear: lace sexy underwear gives people a noble feeling.Although the price is usually high, the feel is delicate and the comfort is high.


No matter how good the body is, choosing a comfortable sexy underwear is more important than other factors.You should get a balance between comfort and beauty to ensure that you feel confident and highly comfortable when using sexy underwear.

1. Material determination comfort: By selecting underwear with excellent material and good breathability, you can also effectively avoid various discomfort while maintaining sexy.

2. Both styles and tightness affect comfort: If the tightness is too large, the friction with the skin will make you feel uncomfortable. If you are too loose, the arc and lines of the sexy underwear will lose its sexy effect.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should try to choose the right tightness and style.

Color and style

There are many different colors and styles to choose from sexy underwear, all of which can affect your appearance and sexuality.

1. Black -colored sexy underwear: Black -colored and sexy underwear is considered one of the sexiest and most challenging colors.They are suitable for women with any body shape and skin tone.

2. Red color sex underwear: red color sexy underwear is passionate, suitable for women with perfect body and hot body.

3. Pink sexy underwear: Pink sexy underwear is soft and tender, suitable for older women.

4. Transparent sexy underwear: Transparent sexy underwear is used to seduce and challenge, so they are most suitable for women who are confident and relaxed.


Proper maintenance can keep sexy underwear for longer.

1. Cleaning method: Wash the sexy underwear in your hands, gently, patient, and mild rubbing.In addition, you can also choose to wash it in the "hand washing" mode of the washing machine.

2. Air drying: Fun underwear can be washed or machine -washed, but do not use a dryer.Dry the erotic underwear in the air to avoid direct sunlight.This will wear the fabric details of the sexy underwear to wear and fade.

Method of purchase

It is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.The way to buy should be very cautious than light.You can choose to buy offline or online, but please pay attention to the following precautions:

1. Make sure that you can try on when you buy: When choosing a sexy underwear, you must try it on before you buy to ensure whether the size and comfort are suitable.

2. Selected high -quality products: Choosing high -quality sexy underwear is the most important.If sexual underwear materials and production experience are poor, it will even cause damage to the skin.


Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can improve women’s confidence.When choosing the right sexy underwear, we need to consider the type, material, comfort, color and style, maintenance method and purchase method of underwear.If you choose properly, underwear can help women improve self -confidence and show the perfect body and sexy.