Interest underwear vehicle

Interest underwear vehicle

1. Departure preparation:

Sitting on the car and turning on a pleasant journey, your sexy underwear must be prepared properly.In order to avoid folds and deformation, please put underwear in a clean and enough space. It is recommended to pack or put the underwear separately in the dust bag.

2. Principles:

When choosing a sexy underwear suitable for travel, the most important principle is comfort.Because you have to spend a period of time on the car, choose soft fabrics, loose tailoring and easy -to -go through and easy styles to make you more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Good starting point:

When you start wearing your sexy underwear on the car, it is recommended to choose to open your back, one -shoulder or shoulder -free strap style. They can not only put it on and take off quickly, but also show your perfect back line.

4. The shape is very important:

Choose sexy underwear with slim design to help shape the perfect body lines and beautiful curves.If you like loose tailoring, try to add some tight design elements to your waist or chest to maintain the perfect curve.

5. No trace design:

Traces of underwear not only affect your appearance, but also affect your comfort.Therefore, choosing without trace or low trace underwear is a wise choice. They can easily integrate into your wear, and at the same time make you feel relaxed and free.

6. The proportion should be appropriate:

It is particularly important to choose underwear with suitable sizes.Excessive or small underwear is not only uncomfortable, but also makes you unnatural.Therefore, it is recommended to measure your bust and lower circumference to ensure that the size of the underwear you choose is in line with the proportion of the body.

7. Color selection:

When choosing a color, you can consider your travel destination or itinerary.If your travel destination is a sunny coastline or a warm resort, choosing bright colors or bright colors can better show your unique charm.

8. Material choice:

In the end, what is also important is to choose the material.At any time, choose breathable, soft and comfortable fabrics.Appropriate materials can make your skin breathe and make you more comfortable and confident.


Wearing sexy underwear in the car can make you more confident and comfortable.Choosing comfortable fabrics, appropriate size and beautiful styles will definitely make your travel full of love and happiness!

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