Japanese, Korean European and American sexy underwear photo video

Japanese, Korean European and American sexy underwear photo video


As a special underwear, sexy underwear is designed to highlight the sexy charm of women. The sexy underwear layers of various styles, various materials, and various functions are endless.

Japanese sexy underwear

Japanese people’s research on sexy underwear can be said to be quite in -depth. The most common Japanese sexy underwear is characterized by simple design and exquisiteness, playing two roles: sweet little woman and sexy girl.

Korean sexy underwear

Nipple Tassels Cupless Mesh Babydoll With G-String – Y166

The Korean -style sexy underwear is welcomed by young women. Its design inspiration comes from the trend of the stars, which makes people feel a youthfulness and publicity.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear focuses on details, hand -sewing, luxurious and noble is its characteristics.These underwear are bold, avant -garde, and rich in color, reflecting the combination of the nature of the ancestors of European and American countries.

Sex of sex underwear


Teasing category: Common on the occasion of interest, deliberately manufacturing sexy atmosphere.

Body -shaping: It has a body -shaping effect, beautiful waist, breast rich, buttocks, etc.

Comfort: The important thing is the degree of convenience and can be worn for a long time.


Thigh High

Lace: delicate and textured, good breathability, and good dressing.

Latex: The material is pure and natural, with a certain tightening effect, but also has allergies.

Silk category: smooth feel, smooth texture, and good comfort.

Sex underwear matching

Interest underwear can generally only be worn in sex occasions, but improper matching will also greatly reduce the overall effect. Be sure to match the correct shoes and clothing.

Falling underwear maintenance

Because the material of sexy underwear is different from conventional underwear, it should be paid attention to maintenance.It is best to use hand washing, only warm water and neutral cleaning agent to avoid drying the sun, and it is best to hang it in the ventilation.

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear

The wearing object of sexy underwear is not limited to husband and wife, but the object includes all women.If you want to improve your sexy charm, you can also choose some simple sexy underwear.


In addition to simple sexy and teasing, the greater significance of sex is to guide people to look at sex, sexual relationships, and gender identification.