Mainland sexy underwear

Mainland sexy underwear

1 Introduction

With the progress of the times and people’s aesthetic concepts, sexy underwear is no longer a mysterious and closed thing.In the Mainland’s sexy lingerie, the sexy underwear gradually moved towards the center of the market.These products are not only used for couples, but also for singles.The demand for sexy underwear in the market is increasing.

2. Sexy elements different from traditional underwear

Traditional underwear is designed for "practical" purposes such as breast enhancement and shaping. In the Mainland’s sexy underwear, it will emphasize sexy elements, such as hollow design, lace lace, perspective, and bellyband.Although they are not as strong as traditional practicality, their shapes are sometimes stunning.

3. Women’s erotic underwear

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Women are more inclined to buy sexy underwear to express their sexy, and may have a slight naughty sense.The style of women’s sexy underwear in the Mainland is mainly hollow, transparent, lace, etc., which will pay more attention to comfort and texture. Many designs also have Chinese flavors.

4. Men’s erotic underwear

Men’s sexy underwear is more challenging than women.Generally, there are hats, underwear, etc., and in the Mainland men’s sexy lingerie styles are mostly designs such as suspenders, sexy tube tops and rivets.These sexy underwear design pays more attention to the beauty of various figure curves and lines, emphasizing the anonymity and magnetic feeling of men.

5. Couples sexy sheets

Couples sexy underwear is a category of sexy underwear. It is a sexy underwear designed for couples.There are many types of love lingerie in love, the most common is supporting styles, printing design and color matching.

6. Adult sexy underwear performance and game

Adult sex lingerie is a special form of sexy underwear in the Mainland, which is suitable for performances and games such as performance and games in some special occasions.Most of this underwear will use sexual goods stores such as adult stores, because adult erotic underwear has the characteristics that make the public feel "mysterious and wonderful".

7. Crystal erotic underwear

Crystal sexy underwear is a high -end sexy underwear. It is made of crystal instead of traditional wiring three -dimensional carving.Crystal sex lingerie was originally designed by European designers and was given high artistic value.Many designers in the Mainland are now trying to try this new sexy underwear design.

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8. Summary

At present, the sexy underwear market in the Mainland is rapidly developing.It should be noted that people who want to try the sexy underwear in the Mainland should pay attention to quality and materials when buying them.Keep in mind that you must not be greedy for cheap prices and buy low -quality products, because that will only disappoint you.

9. Showing and sharing

In a more open society, the style of sexy underwear design in the Mainland will become more open -minded.And the style of these sexy underwear is not only to express the beauty of beauty with the beauty that it can show, but also transmits a sensual, strong and pursuit of boutique attitude.

10. Understand and appreciate

Whether you like sexy underwear or people who are completely unfamiliar with this market, we should understand and appreciate this product that is used to add pornographic aesthetics and sexual blessings.Just as a piece of art, the design of sexy underwear is also from the perspective of thought and communication, creating a emotional art form.