Men go to buy sexy underwear

Men go to buy sexy underwear

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear may be a shy thing in the past, but now, people have begun to have a popular concept of freedom and exploration. This has also made the demand for the sexy underwear market greater and men participated in it.This article will explore why men buy sexy underwear and different types and styles of sexy underwear.

1. Overview sexy underwear

Interest underwear aims to "add sexual interest". This special underwear usually has a high degree of sexy and tempting, and can add a new experience to sexual behavior.Sex underwear usually includes sexy body underwear, sex skirts, sex stockings, etc. The style is very diverse. Each underwear style has its own design, which aims to stimulate male vision and stimulate women’s confidence.

2. Underwear that controls desire

Some men will buy sexy underwear to control desire, such as restraint clothes, mouthball and ribbons.These underwear are usually made based on leather and iron chains. By bundling and restrictions, the scope of activity of the body is controlled to add more stimuli to sexual life.

3. Female character plays underwear

Women’s role -playing underwear usually includes nurses, school uniforms, and police uniforms. These women’s clothing aims to cause male sexual fantasy.Men will buy these underwear to expect female companions to put on these clothing to achieve more exciting sexual life and satisfaction with sexual fantasy.

4. Invisible underwear

The design of invisible underwear makes it closer to ordinary underwear, usually including colorless transparent underwear and underwear.This underwear is often regarded as an alternative to "not wearing underwear", and is designed to be used in the special display that can go out at night, date, and special display for fiance.Men’s purchase of these underwear is often to make girlfriends more tempting and make men’s sexual fantasy richer.

5. equal proportion underwear

Equation underwear refers to the proportion of the size of the underwear to the body, which is usually to emphasize the advantages of the body and enlarged the sexy characteristics.This underwear is usually transparent and good, and it focuses on unique materials and extreme comfort.Men buy these underwear to increase their self -confidence and make women more enchanting.

6. Transparent underwear

Although transparent underwear does not seem to be high enough, it is the mainstream of sexy underwear.The transparent underwear is known for its ultra -sexy, transparent texture, and the temptation of unable to leave.Most men who buy transparent underwear are to enhance sexual fantasy and discover potential sexual charm, but also a challenge.

7. Saton underwear

Saton underwear is a underwear made of silk or satin. It has a very soft texture and focuses on the characteristics of slender and lines. These traits make it look more elegant and charming.Men buy these underwear in order to show their romance and carefulness to mobilize women’s desires, and at the same time provide unique experiences of silk and satin materials.

8. Summary view

With people’s open mentality and concept of exploration, men’s buying sexy underwear has become the norm.The different types and styles of sexy underwear can not only increase the passion of sex, but also increase the love and emotional relationship between men and women.No matter which or what kind of sexy underwear people choose, it will bring new stimuli and happiness, and inject more interests into the interaction between the opposite sex and sex life.

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