Men who wear sexy underwear do not want

Men who wear sexy underwear do not want

Background introduction

Every woman thinks that after the sexy lingerie, she can be more siege, sexy, and charming. This is not only to cater to the taste of the other party, but also for their own feelings.However, some sexy underwear will be counterproductive.In fact, men also have their own preferences, and some sexy underwear will not stimulate their interest as the expectations are expected.

Too complicated

For many men, it is a huge problem that sexy underwear is too complicated.Among them, sexy lingerie of skeleton fashion and multi -level materials is usually the theme of men’s self -talk.At this time, women should choose a simple and simple style without losing effect.

Too bright

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Another problem that causes men to feel confused is too bright colors, especially those excessive or unusual colors such as fluorescent green or underwear with different colors.In addition, sexy underwear printed with cartoons, patterns, etc. is not suitable for the tastes of each man, so they cannot be suitable for everyone, especially those who want to see some appearances. They prefer more traditional and generous sexy underwear designEssence

Too colorful

Similarly, too colorful erotic underwear can bring a lot of problems.Many men prefer more delicate designs.Although these colorful sexy underwear may attract their attention, they may be frustrated.Of course, this is not to say that colorful sexy underwear cannot be worn, but to pay attention to as much as possible in choosing as much as possible. Choose those low -key sexy underwear that is not so attractive.

Not suitable for figure

In addition, some sexy underwear may not be suitable for each body.Women should not choose too big or too small sexy underwear.Wearing an inappropriate erotic underwear will cause men to pay no attention to women, but to scattered these large or small underwear.So be sure to pay attention to whether they are in line when choosing underwear.


There are also some sexy underwear that may cause discomfort.For example, some underwear may be too tight, while some are discomfort due to material problems.Even if a lingerie looks beautiful, if wearing it, it will make women feel uncomfortable, then this sexy underwear is not appropriate.

Too much

Too exposed erotic underwear will also be counterproductive.In addition, some exposed or improper sexy underwear can make men feel uncomfortable and strange.When women choose sexy underwear, they should be very cautious and pay attention to problems such as ink and transparency to ensure that they are very proper.

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Sexy underwear and deck shoes and slippers are many uncoordinated.Women should choose a fashionable shoes to show their beauty and sexy to the greatest extent.This problem may even affect the overall appearance of women.

Not easy to wear

Finally, some too complicated sexy underwear also has a great challenge to women.Some sexy underwear takes a long time to wear, which is very difficult for women.When a woman tries to wear sexy underwear, she will be unhappy and frustrated, which is not what a man wants to see.Therefore, it should be convenient and easy to wear sexy underwear.


If women try to attract men by putting on complex and too bright sexy underwear, they may find that these sexy underwear will only be counterproductive.When choosing a sexy underwear, please pay attention to the above problems to ensure that your underwear will not be selected as a problem.Keeping simple and fashion is the most critical, so that your underwear can truly help you show your beauty and sexy.