One tearing her sexy underwear

One tearing her sexy underwear

Sex underwear has become one of the most popular shopping options in modern women.They focus on quality, style, and style.However, when you start trying to tear her sexy underwear, this process is not so easy.So, how can we successfully tear the sexy underwear?Please read this article.

Choose the correct material

First of all, the correct material should be selected to tear the sexy underwear.The more soft materials such as gauze and lace are easier to tear, but this also means that the traces of tear will be easier to notice.If you want to do some more interesting things, such as simulating the plot in movies, then you may need to be more durable materials for this project down jacket, leather or PVC.Some women may be more interested in these materials, and the effect of tearing sex underwear will be better.

Understand love underwear structure

Secondly, it is very important to understand the structure of love underwear.Sometimes, the whole sex lingerie is torn, but the main structure of the underwear has not changed.Understanding the structure of love underwear can help tear more regularly and make the irritation brought more realistic.Try to tear in the important structure of the sexy underwear, such as the steel ring or hook, so that the effect will be better.

Choose the correct method of tearing

Next, it is important to choose the correct tear method.You can stretch the position to be torn before tearing, and then tear in the opposite direction, which will be more natural.If you can’t find a good placement, you can also choose to cut off with scissors, so that tears will be easier.

Open underwear is more easily torn

Another point is that it is also important to choose the right sexy underwear.The design of open underwear is very suitable for tearing, so this style is one of the best tear options.If you choose a more conservative style, such as a full cup underwear, the difficulty of tearing will increase.

Be careful when tearing

Tearing sex underwear needs to be very careful, because sexy underwear is usually fragile.When you tear, you must be gentle. Do not use too much energy to avoid the tear of the sexy underwear into fragments.During the tearing process, you can use both hands to gently pull the material to gradually tear to maintain quality and aesthetics.This will also increase the sense of stimuli, and it is easier to attract your interest in your partner.

Keep cleaning

Finally, as a sexy underwear expert, I want to remind everyone that after tearing the sexy lingerie, you need to clean and deal with underwear slices.If these fragments stay on the body may stimulate the skin, causing some unnecessary harm.Therefore, after tearing sex underwear, be sure to keep clean and hygienic to prevent various accidents.

Tearing sex underwear can bring endless stimuli to your partner, but at the same time, you should also pay attention to your health and underwear good appearance.If you want to live a more interesting sex life, it will be a good choice to try to tear up sexy underwear.

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