Open crotch stockings sex underwear show

What is open crotch stockings sex underwear

Open crotch stockings erotic underwear is a sexy and teasing women’s underwear.On the basis of traditional stockings, it specially designed the open crotch to facilitate the use of sex.And it is usually made of high elastic material, which is personal and soft, making the figure curve more sexy and charming.

Open crotch stockings sexy underwear style

There are many styles of open crotch stockings, including conjoined, color differences, edge design, etc.There are three most common styles:

Classic models: The classic models are black or natural skin tone, most of which are conjoined skirt and socks.

Tights: The tight models are basically the same as the classic model, and the entire appearance is very close, like the second layer of skin, highlighting the sexy body shape.

Net socks: The design of the net socks is completely based on the grid, and its open crotch part is covered with thin layer of thin materials to highlight the wild sensation.

How to use open crotch stockings sexy underwear

For female friends who use open crotch stitches for the first time, the method of use may not be very clear.Here are some use techniques:

Check the internal design carefully before use. Do not rush to use it for the time being. After trying it on, it is more comfortable to use on the bed.

Do not happen too fast when used in use.

After use, it should be cleaned up and disinfected in time to avoid causing some bacterial infections.

Consider the choice of open crotch stockings sexy underwear

When buying an open crotch and a sexy underwear, some precautions should be kept in mind:

Size: When buying, you must choose the suitable size of your own. If you are too small, you cannot achieve the effect of placing makeup. If you are too large, you cannot highlight the body curve.

Material: The material part should choose high elastic fabrics as much as possible, so as to ensure that the placement effect is better.At the same time, pay attention to whether it is properly handled, and adverse conditions such as burrs and loose lines.

Open crotch part: The open crotch part of the entire pantyhose is usually made of advanced pressure manufacturing process, making the opening at the opening of the opening more conveniently and more convenient to use.

Open crotch stockings sexy underwear match

Open crotch stockings erotic underwear is not just worn alone, but can be matched with other underwear.For example, you can add thong, strap and flea pants to form a sexy and noble tone.In addition, you can match all kinds of high heels to make the heel highlight and become more sexy.

Brand recommendation of open crotch stockings sexy underwear

There are many open crotch stitches in sexy underwear brands on the market. The quality and price are different.

Leg Avenue: Leg Avenue brought high -quality open -crotch stockings sexy underwear for the high -end price for the vast number of sex enthusiasts.

Kix’ies: Kix’ies was once known as "the best stockings". Under the premise of ensuring quality, the cost performance is very high.

BACI Lingerie: Baci Lingerie is a high -end sexy underwear brand. The quality of all products is very good.

Applicable objects of open crotch stockings sexy underwear

Open crotch stockings are suitable for adult women aged 18 and above, especially those women who have some sex, can increase the taste of husband and wife and make sexual life more rich and interesting.

Washing method of open crotch stockings sexy underwear

Most of the materials for open crotch stockings are silk or elastic fabrics. It is not advisable to clean it with ordinary detergents to prevent the impact of sexy effects from damaging the fabric.It is recommended to use a neutral detergent, pour the underwear into the water, gently rub it, and then gently rinse it with the flowing water.

Open crotch stockings sexy underwear to wear

When wearing an open -crotch stockings, you must be careful and careful. The design of high elasticity should be paid special attention, otherwise it is likely to cause damage to the opening site and affect the use effect.For the specific steps, please refer to the following:

Put on the stockings part, gently fold the opening of the open crotch.

Pull the pleated part from the sex organs, and then flatten it.

Stretch your two feet into the pants, and gradually raise it to your hips.

Hang the bra on the neck and adjust the chest.The matching and adjustment of other tops.


Open crotch stockings erotic underwear is a sexy and teasing female underwear, suitable for female friends who want to increase the fun between husband and wife.Pay attention to some matters and skills when buying and using, so that the use is more comfortable and convenient.Choosing sex underwear brand with quality assurance and suitable sizes can make you more at ease and assured when using it.I believe that the appropriate opening of the crotch stockings can allow you to produce more interests and stimuli in the process of sex, and become an indispensable part of a beautiful sex life.

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