Place of buying sexy underwear in Japan

Place of buying sexy underwear in Japan

Place of buying sexy underwear in Japan

As a country with a very developed custom industry, Japan is also very popular.Different from other countries, Japanese sexy underwear is also very rich, covering various styles, materials and uses.If you want to buy sexy underwear in Japan, the following article will introduce you where you can buy it, and some precautions.

1. Department Store

If you can find some relatively high -quality and regular sexy underwear brands in a local department store, such as WACOAL and TRIUMPH in a local department store.But the price is generally more expensive, suitable for people who pursue quality.In addition, there are not many styles in department stores, and they generally do not show the styles that are too exposed. Therefore, if you want to choose a more sexy style, then department stores are not necessarily a good choice.

2. Sexual store

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I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar.In Japan, sex stores are also the most common ways to buy sexy underwear.There are many types of stores, and some sell sexy underwear, and the price is relatively cheap.However, it should be noted that the quality of some stores’ sexy underwear is not very good, and there will even be some fake brands in it.In addition, the environment of the sex store is relatively dark. If it is not particularly confident, it may make people feel a little shy and dare not go in.

3. Online purchase

If you don’t want to go to the physical store to buy sexy underwear, you can also choose to buy on a Japanese online shopping website.It is recommended to buy large websites such as Amazon and Yodobashi.There are many types of sexy underwear here, and the price is more reasonable.It is worth mentioning that shopping on a Japanese shopping website is also very safe because the Japanese consumer protection law is very complete.

4. Cosplay Store

In addition, for some people who like cosplay, many high -quality and unique sexy underwear can also be found in the COSPLAY store in Japan.These COSPLAY stores also sell unique sexy underwear, and because the sales objects are special, the types and styles of sexy underwear bought here are also very rich.Of course, the price will be slightly higher than the general sex lingerie.

5. Tongren store

Tongren store is also one of the buying places for Japanese sex lingerie.Tongren stores selling two -dimensional related products, which also contains a lot of sexy underwear.If you are a two -dimensional enthusiast and are also interested in sexy underwear, then Tongren Store should be very suitable for you.However, it should be noted that the sexy underwear of Tongren stores is relatively not much, and there may be quality problems.

6. Tournament Market

Tongrenzu market is a relatively special place, but you can also find some special sexy underwear here.Similar to Tongren Store, the Tongren Market is also a paradise for two -dimensional enthusiasts.Here, you can see some very unique designs, and the price is very reasonable.However, it should be noted that the sexy underwear here is difficult to ensure quality, and you need to distinguish it carefully before buying.


7. Taobao purchasing

If you are now in China, but you also want to buy Japanese sexy underwear, you can consider buying through Taobao purchase channels.The price of Japanese sexy underwear on Taobao is generally cheaper, and there are many types.However, it should be noted that there are many varieties of sexy underwear on Taobao, and many are also pseudo -branded brands and fake goods. Before buying, you need to distinguish it carefully.

8. Tariff issues

It should be noted that before buying sexy underwear from Japan, you need to understand and pay attention to tariff issues.According to the trade agreement between Japan and your country, the goods purchased may be levied certain tariffs and taxes.In order to avoid being troubled by tariffs during shopping, you need to understand it in advance.

9. Washing instructions

After buying a sexy underwear, you need to read the instructions for the washing care carefully.Japan’s sexy underwear design and fabrics are diverse. Different washing methods and materials will affect the quality and service life of the underwear.If you don’t notice this, you will easily damage the underwear when using it, bringing unnecessary trouble to yourself.

10. Personal privacy

Finally, the most important point, you need to pay attention to personal privacy.When buying, you will learn a lot of personal information, including your own size and preferences.In the case of shopping on online shopping, we need to carefully clear the security and privacy protection of the website.

in conclusion

There are many options for buying sexy underwear in Japan, but there are certain risks.It is recommended to choose carefully when buying, and pay special attention to quality and safety.If you can shop cautiously, you can easily enjoy the fun brought by the best sexy underwear in Japan.