Quota Underwear Show Model Information

Quota Underwear Show Model Information

The sexy underwear show is a very special fashion show, and the model’s information is also highly noticed.Here, we will introduce the model information of the sexy lingerie show, including basic information such as height, weight, measurement, and personality characteristics and styles wearing underwear.

1. The white and beautiful body is good

The models of the sexy lingerie show are all girls with white skin and beautiful figure. They are more than 1.68 meters tall and weigh around 50 kg.Such a figure can perfectly display the effect of underwear, and at the same time make the audience more input.

2. Require beautiful body curve

Different from the general fashion show, the sex underwear show put more attention on the body curve.The trick of the model must be beautiful, full of hips, and the aesthetics of the lines that can wear underwear.

3. Higher psychological quality and exercise ability

The model of the sexy lingerie show not only requires harsh body requirements, but also requires high psychological quality and exercise ability.Especially when walking on the catwalk, we need to maintain a stable mentality and excellent walking and action processing capabilities.

4. Live, cheerful, independent and confident

The models of sexy lingerie shows are usually some lively, cheerful, independent and confident girls. This character can better stretch their bodies, express sexy and beautiful.

5. There are strict requirements for the types and styles of underwear wearing underwear

In addition to the requirements of body and personality, the types and styles of the underwear wearing underwear of the sexy underwear show also have strict requirements.Under normal circumstances, more sexy and open styles are more sexy and open, which can better present women’s curves and sexy charm.

6. Some models will need special skills

In some special erotic underwear shows, the model may also need some special skills.For example, steel pipe dance, yoga, fitness, etc. These skills can better let the model show their excellent figure and flexible body.

7. Models need good teammates to cooperate

The sexy lingerie show is not only the performance of the model, but also the cooperation of the entire team.In this cooperation process, the tacit cooperation between models and other teammates is crucial.This is also one of the standards for evaluating a model.

8. Require rich experience accumulation

Whether it is a sexy underwear show or other types of fashion shows, the model needs to have sufficient experience to accumulate.It is essential to be familiar with how to cooperate with directors, how to express yourself, how to control emotions, and how to show clothing.

9. Foreign sex lingerie show models are more marketable

At present, the domestic market’s demand for sexy underwear shows is far less than foreign countries. Therefore, having a well -known sex underwear show model is more market in foreign markets.

10. Generally speaking, the model needs multiple advantages in the body, temperament, skills and other aspects

In summary, the model of the sexy underwear show needs to have multiple advantages in the body, temperament, skills and other aspects.This is why the sexy underwear show is so rare in the entire industry.Moreover, the aesthetic and sexy power they show cannot be replaced.


Fun underwear show model information is not a simple resume, but shows multiple advantages such as physical, temperament, and skills.Only models with these advantages can become the most dazzling landscape in the sex lingerie show.

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