Sex feelings fun underwear open crotch type

Sex feelings fun underwear open crotch type

What is open crotch sexy underwear

Open crotch -type sexy underwear is a specially designed underwear, which is different from ordinary underwear. Its hem is cut off a small mouth to facilitate consumers to do some special behaviors while wearing.Playing and so on.

Types of open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear has various types in the market, and the design is also different.From the basic locomotive pornographic underwear, to the lace lace, mesh see -through style, as well as a very personal leather style, there is everything.

The material of the open crotch -style sexy underwear

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The material of the open crotch -type sexy underwear varies from brands and styles, including satin, silk, lace, hook flowers, leather, and so on.These materials are selected on different styles, allowing consumers to have more choices.

Who are suitable for wearing open crotch sexy underwear

The original intention of open crotch -style sexy underwear is to provide a special function of underwear, so it is more suitable for couples, couples, men and women in love, and even those who want to experience freedom in sexual life.Single men and women.

How to match the open crotch sexy underwear

When paired with open crotch -type sexy underwear, you must first consider whether your body shape is suitable.For a petite woman, you can choose a style that is not too long and lighter.If a woman is burly, you can choose a slightly loose style to look more sexy.

Open crotch sexy underwear wearing taboo

Although the open crotch -type erotic underwear makes people feel more free and sexy, some behaviors should still be avoided.For example, women do not excessively move when wearing open crotch -type sexy underwear, so as not to cause rupture.In addition, the taboo behavior of some private places should be avoided when wearing sexy underwear.

Purchase prompt of open crotch sexy underwear

Choose comfortable materials and styles suitable for your body when buying.If you want to try a variety of different materials and styles, you can buy some cheaper to try on, and then buy better quality.In addition, you must choose a platform and store purchase with good reputation to ensure quality and after -sales service.


Be careful of the cleaning and maintenance of the crotch -style sexy underwear

Open crotch sexy underwear also needs to pay special attention when cleaning. It is best to wash it alone to avoid mixing in other clothes and avoid wear or dyeing.At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the drying method. It is best to remove water through natural dry or sandwiched in a dry towel.

The role of open crotch sexy underwear in fashion

In addition to occupying a place in terms of sexuality, the open crotch -style sexy underwear often appears in fashion.For example, on some fashion weeks, designers will use open crotch sexy underwear as internal clothes, or design layers of layers to enhance the sense of layering of clothing, which has the meaning of highlighting personality and fashion trends.

Make -up matching of open crotch sex underwear

In terms of makeup, you can choose sexy smoky makeup, or bold and bright lip color to match the open crotch sexy underwear.You can also choose high heels in the overall shape to make yourself more sexy and charming.


In short, the emergence of open crotch -type sexy underwear adds new fun to people’s sexual life and has become a emerging element of fashion.You need to pay attention to buying, wearing, cleaning, and matching. It is really comfortable and sexy, so that you can show more natural and smoother style in sex and fashion.