Sex lingerie bed show

Sex lingerie bed show

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has become a must -have for modern women. It can not only enhance women’s confidence, but also increase the fun in bed.In this article, we will explore how sexy underwear can show its advantages in bed.

2. Learn different types of sexy underwear

Before showing sexy underwear on the bed, we must first understand different types of sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear is designed to increase sexuality and temptation, such as lace and mesh material, while some sexy underwear is to create a specific role, such as students, nurses and police.When choosing sexy underwear, choose the right type according to your own needs.

3. Choose a size that suits you

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The correct size is the key to wearing sexy underwear.Carefully measure your bust, waist and hips to ensure that the appropriate size is selected.If the sexy underwear is too small, it will affect the comfort and appearance; if it is too large, it will not cover the key parts and cannot achieve the desired effect.

4. With the right shoes

When showing sexy underwear in bed, the correct shoes will make you more sexy and charming.For example, when cooperating with students’ erotic underwear, you can choose a white linked black high -heeled shoes, which will increase the real sense of role -playing.

5. Eye communication and posture

When showing sexy underwear on the bed, eye communication and posture also play a vital role, which can increase sexuality and attractiveness.Try to relax yourself, look at your partner with confidence and kind eyes, and try to adjust your posture to show your advantages.

6. Use candlelight and aroma

The use of candlelight and aroma can increase the effect of sexy underwear.Candlelight can increase the romantic atmosphere. The aroma can stimulate the sense of smell and make you more relaxed and happy.

7. Put down shyness and conservative

When showing sexy underwear in bed, you must put down a shy and conservative mentality.Although sometimes embarrassed, relaxing mentality can make you more confident and comfortable, thereby increasing sexuality and attractiveness.


8. Create a novel experience

Showing in bed and sexy underwear is not just to let your partner see more skin, but more to create novel experiences.It takes some time and energy to prepare for this show, and shows that you will experience each other in deeper and your partner in your posture and exchanges.

9. Be careful not to overnight

Before showing sexy underwear on the bed, be careful to ensure that you will not cause any discomfort or passive to your partner.Showing and sexy underwear is a novel way of experience, but if it is overdone, it will make the other party feel uneasy or disgusted.

10. End language

The sexy underwear on the bed is a sexy and romantic experience, but it also needs some skills and serious preparations.While enjoying this novel experience, we must pay attention to protecting themselves and each other to ensure that both parties can feel happiness and enjoyment.