Sex lingerie bras piercing method video

Sex lingerie bras piercing method video

Sex lingerie bras piercing method video

Choose the right size

The bras in sexy underwear are an important type of underwear.To ensure that your bra is comfortable, you should choose a size suitable for your body.First, measure the enclosure of your chest to determine the correct size.Then, find the bras that meet the size you need, and choose your favorite style.

Understand the structure of the bra

Bras are usually composed of three important parts: cups, shoulder straps and straps.The cup is responsible for supporting and strengthening the chest. The shoulder strap is responsible for keeping the cup and providing support on the shoulders.The strap fix the two cups on the back to enhance the support of the bra.

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Practice method

When wearing a bra, push the cup under the outline of the chest with both hands, and then fix the strap and shoulder strap on the shoulder.If the shoulder strap or strap is too tight or too loose, you need to adjust it.The cup should be completely covered with the breasts, and there should not be any protrusions or loosening.

Choose suitable colors and materials

When buying sexy lingerie bras, in addition to the size and style, the color and material are also important.Bright colors may be more suitable for special occasions, while black and white are more practical choices.The material should also be considered comfortable and breathable, such as cotton, silk, lace, etc.

Special situation: Shoulderless brace

The shoulder -free brach is a unique type of bra, which requires special wear skills.First, put the cup on the breast, then tighten the strap to let it sit under the rib.Finally, press the cup on your chest with your arm to make sure the bra is fitted with your body.

Maintenance bra

In order to extend the life of the bra, some maintenance measures are needed.Hand washing is the best way. Wash with cold water and mild laundry solution to avoid using too hot water and too strong cleaning agent.After washing, dry the bra and dry it to avoid drying in the sun or using a dryer.

Different types of bra

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The sexy lingerie bras have various styles and designs, including shoulder straps, steel -free, pushing cups, thin cotton pads, etc.Understanding these different styles and design features will help you choose the brace that suits you best.

Important precautions

When wearing any type of sexy lingerie bra, you should follow related precautions.The breasts should be kept clean and dry to avoid tightness, poor breathability or excessive friction.If you feel uncomfortable or abnormal when wearing underwear, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Enjoy comfort and beauty

Proper choice and sexy lingerie bras will help you feel comfortable and confident, so that you can feel beautiful and sexy on any occasion.Choose a suitable size, understand the structure, correctly wear methods, and maintain a brace. Note is a necessary technique, but when enjoying the dressing process, don’t forget comfort and beauty.


Sexy underwear bras are an important part of women’s underwear. Details need to be paid to details in terms of choice, wear and maintenance.Choose the right size and style, understand the structure, and correct the method and maintenance measures to help you enjoy the comfort and beauty to the greatest extent.However, maintaining breast health is also very important. It is necessary to seek medical treatment and precautions in time.The ultimate goal is to make every woman feel comfortable and confident, and enjoy a sense of beauty and sexy.