Sex slave fun underwear with both hands and tie

Sex slave fun underwear with both hands and tie

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# Title: sex slave sex lingerie with both hands and tie

A challenging underwear in the sexy underwear market is "sex slave sex lingerie with both hands".The special thing about this underwear is that it can make the wearer’s hands be tied to behind, and only use your feet to meet the unique sexual interest of users.Let’s learn more deeply about this sexy underwear.

## design of sexy underwear

Sex slave sexy underwear tie is a 2 -piece underwear, usually consisting of a top and a jumpsuit.The top part is relatively simple, usually a small vest with sleeveless or short -sleeved or translucent chest, while the key part is jumpsuit.There is a zipper or a magic sticker on one side of the jumpsuit, which can be easily worn and removed, but after putting it on, he tied his hands behind him and could not untie it by itself.

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## Material and color

Because sex slaves and sexy underwear are more unique and very tempting, most manufacturers will choose to make soft and comfortable fabrics, and usually choose some sexy, seductive colors, such as black, red, etc.Essence


There are many ways to tie their hands with sexual lingerie in sexual slaves. Some styles may have their own tie explanation, and some need users to explore by themselves.The most basic way to tie the method is to pass through the hands from the bottom, put over the head, and then pull from the back to the front, and fix it with zipper or magic stickers.

## adjustment of the experience

Wearing "sex slave sex underwear with both hands" is a skill that needs to be adjusted.When users just put on, they feel very difficult and discomfort, so it takes time to adjust to the most comfortable state.These adjustments include adjusting the tightness of each part, as well as changes in posture, to avoid long -term inverted movements to avoid discomfort.

## Precautions before use

Before using "sex slave sexy underwear with both hands", users need to fully understand the use of this sexy underwear and precautions.First of all, it must be pre -tied to avoid unpredictable dangers due to difficulties during wearing.Secondly, you need to lock the door when wearing or ensure that you are in a safe and private environment.

## cleaning and maintenance method

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After using the sexy lingerie, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance of it to ensure its service life and hygiene.Generally speaking, users should wash their cold water hands or put them in a laundry bag with water, and avoid using soap or other cleaner cleaning agents to clean.

## Pay attention to hygiene

When choosing this sexy underwear, you must consider health issues carefully.In order to avoid any disease, users should avoid sharing sex underwear with others. It is recommended to replace this underwear regularly.

## View

"Sex slave sexy underwear with both hands" is a sexy underwear that makes users more interesting and more exciting, but it needs to be reminded that the use of this sexy underwear needs to master the correct use methods and precautions to avoid danger and health.question.The most important thing is to be vigilant about hygiene issues and be responsible for your health.