Sex underwear Masturreal

Sex underwear Masturreal

Sex underwear Masturreal

The sexual masturbation chapter of sexy underwear is a kind of sex tool designed for women.It can be attached to sexy underwear, allowing you to enjoy sexual pleasure while wearing sex underwear.

1. Types of Masturbation

At present, there are many types of sexy underwear in the market, and most of them can be divided into two categories: vibration masturbation chapter and ordinary masturbation chapter.The vibration masturbation chapter can emit vibration and stimulate sensitive areas; the ordinary masturbation chapter does not have a vibration function.

2. Material

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The material of the sexy underwear masturbation generally uses silicone, coating plastic, ABS plastic, etc.Silicone material is suitable for people with sensitive skin. The coating plastic material is softer and good fit, while ABS plastic is harder, suitable for women who need strong stimulation.

3. How to use

The use of sexy underwear masturbation is relatively simple, you only need to attach it on the sexy underwear.If you use the vibration masturbation chapter, you need to turn on the vibration function.When used, you can use sexy underwear or independent use.It should be noted that cleaning and disinfection must be performed after each use to ensure safety and health.

4. A good helper for women masturbation

Interest underwear masturbation is not only a good partner of sexy underwear, but also a good helper for women’s masturbation.When you use the masturbation alone, you can place it on the sensitive part to enjoy the pleasure.At this time, the strength and speed of masturbation can be controlled to meet different needs.

5. Gold match for sexy underwear masturbation

The golden match of sexy underwear masturbation and sexy underwear allows you to enjoy more pleasure while wearing sexy underwear.At this time, the masturbation chapter can be attached to the sexy underwear, which is in a sensitive area, so that the pleasure brought by the vibration is comfortable in the lingerie of the erotic lingerie.

6. Suitable occasion

Interest underwear masturbation chapters are suitable for private occasions, such as home, hotels, and so on.Because it can be perfectly integrated with sexy underwear, you can enjoy the pleasure at any time when wearing sex underwear, bringing you a different experience.

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7. Note

Before each use, clean and disinfection should be performed to ensure safe use.In addition, in the process of use, you should follow your personal preferences and do not force yourself to achieve the ultimate pleasure.It is recommended to choose different types of masturbation according to your own needs to achieve the best results.

8. Conclusion

Interest underwear masturbation is a creative and practical sexual tool that can bring more sexual pleasure to women.When you choose to use the sexual masturbation chapter of sexy underwear, you need to choose a product that suits you according to your needs, preferences and skin sensitivity to make you more pleasant and comfortable in sex life.