Sex underwear model recruitment does not show face

Sex underwear model recruitment does not show face

Recruitment of sexy underwear model dilemma

As a kind of underwear with a special purpose, sexy underwear needs to show its sexy and comfortable characteristics through the body of the model.However, recruitment of sexy underwear model is facing many dilemma.

Face -to -face problem

Many women are uneasy about showing their faces in public, so they are unwilling to show their faces during shooting.This is one of the most important issues in the recruitment of sexy underwear.

Requirements for body figure

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The special purpose of sexy underwear determines that it needs to show its sexy and comfortable characteristics through the figure of the model.Therefore, the requirements for body figure are very high, which is one of the reasons why many women dare not devote themselves to this.

Professional skills requirements

Interest underwear models need to have professional sexy display skills and certain photography performance capabilities, and also need to understand the special methods and cleaning methods of underwear.This is a higher threshold for many women, thereby limiting their recruitment scope.

The recruitment channels are not smooth

Compared with the recruitment of other models, the recruitment channels of sexy underwear models are relatively small, and they are often recruited in some closed -door occasions, which also increases the difficulty of recruitment.

Restrictions on network recruitment

In view of the special needs of sexy underwear models, it is necessary to strictly screen and consider the body when recruitment, which will put forward higher requirements for recruiters, and also greatly limits the number and quality of online recruitment.

Female safety considerations

When recruiting women’s sexy underwear models, you need to pay special attention to the safety of women.The work of sexy underwear models has certain safety hazards in itself. For example, the body needs to be exposed when shooting, which seriously threatens the safety and dignity of women.


Industry management is not standardized

Due to the particularity and privacy of the sexy underwear industry, industry management is more chaotic.In terms of selection and recruitment of models, lack of certain licenses, certificates and specifications, so the prosperity and healthy development of the industry have also been greatly affected.

Popularity restrictions

Compared with other types of underwear, the popularity of sexy underwear is low, and limited market demand means that there are not so many opportunities for the recruitment of sexy underwear models.This also leads to the average salary of sexy underwear models.

in conclusion

In general, the recruitment of sexy underwear models is more difficult, mainly due to factor exposure problems, requirements for body figure, threshold for professional skills, and narrow recruitment channels.At the same time, women’s security issues, irregular industry management, and popular restrictions are also hindering the development and employment of sexy underwear models.Only with the efforts of all parties can we promote the health, safety and development of the industry.