Sex underwear photo purchase

Sex underwear photo purchase

Sex underwear photo purchase

Interest underwear photo is a very popular sex product on the market.Many women like to taste this stimulus in a private corner.If you want to buy sexy underwear photos, you need to know some basic knowledge so that you can choose your favorite products.Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of sexy underwear photos together.

1. Position your own needs

First, you need to locate your needs.Different people have different needs.If you want to increase sexual interest, you can choose some charming erotic underwear photos, such as bangs skirts or deep V perspectives; if you want to increase interest, it is recommended to choose some corset or lace underwear. These styles can increase women.Sexy charm.

2. Material selection

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When choosing a sex underwear photo, you must pay attention to the choice of material.Generally speaking, the material of sexy underwear photos includes cotton, silk, lace, etc.If you are the first time you buy sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose cotton products.The texture of the cotton is relatively soft, and it is easy to adapt to the skin and does not cause too much stimulation.If your skin is allergic to fibroma, choose silk products or use a small amount.

3. Size selection

Size is an important consideration for choosing sexy underwear photos.It is appropriate to ensure the overall personal effect of the underwear.If the size you choose is too small, it will cause the entire underwear to be tight, and it may even strangle the meat.If the size is too large, the entire underwear will be very loose, not only without beauty, but also easy to run.It is recommended to first understand your body data when buying a sexy underwear and select the size according to the size table.

4. style selection

There are many style choices in sex underwear, such as sweet style, sexy style, fresh style, etc.When choosing, you need to choose according to your style and temperament.For example, sweet style is suitable for petite girls, while sexy style is suitable for mature and sexy women.

5. Accessories selection

Sex underwear photo accessories are also very important considerations, such as lace border, ribbon, bow, etc.These accessories can increase the beauty of the entire sexy underwear, making women look more sexy and charming.However, it should be noted that too much accessories will make the entire underwear look too messy. It is recommended to choose simple and clear products.

6. Price

Pricing is also a necessary consideration for choosing sexy underwear.The lower the price, the relatively low quality.Generally, the price of sexy underwear is above 500 yuan. If you want to choose some more refined and more expensive products, the price will be higher.

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7. Product brand selection

Brands are also important considerations when choosing sexy underwear.Because of the higher quality of high -profile brands, the materials selected are naturally more environmentally friendly and safe.When buying, it is recommended to choose high -known brands. It has a more complete after -sales and service system to better protect customer rights.

8. Purchase method selection

The purchase method is very diverse. You can buy offline physical stores, or you can choose online e -commerce platforms.If you have a brand physical store in the local area, it is recommended to go to the store to try on it in person, you can buy a product that suits you.If it is relatively far, you can also buy it through the e -commerce platform and choose a guaranteed platform to avoid some unnecessary troubles.

9. Washing method

After choosing an emotional and fun underwear, you also need to understand the product washing method.Some lace and silk underwear need to be washed, not to dry, and cannot be washed with hot water.

10. Summary

The above is the basic knowledge about sex underwear photo.When buying, you must pay attention to the above details to choose a product that suits you.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear and maintaining hygiene can bring a beautiful and high -quality life to women.