Sex underwear take a bus

Sex underwear take a bus

Precautions for sex underwear by bus

Sexy underwear looks very sexy, but you need to pay attention to some matters when you are actual.If you need to take a bus, you should pay more attention to the appropriate way of dressing to avoid embarrassing situations.Here are some suggestions:

Choose the appropriate style and color

According to the environment and crowd of the bus, choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style and color.If it is in the prosperous business district, it is recommended not to choose too luxurious styles to avoid being deeply stared at; if it is on the crowded subway, it is recommended to choose some elegant and simple pattern underwear to avoid eye -catching.

Consider the size and comfort

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If the fun underwear is too tight or uncomfortable, it will make your mood very unpleasant.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider the size and comfort.If you want to take a long -distance bus, it is recommended to wear a comfortable and loose underwear to better protect your body.

Pay attention to avoid light and exposure

It’s very embarrassing to take a bus and expose.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the hem of the clothes and expose it as little as possible.At the same time, the details of the underwear are also very important, such as avoiding vaguely visible underwear lines.

With the right coat

In order to avoid embarrassment, it is best to match the appropriate coat.If you are afraid to see that you wear sexy underwear, you can choose a pink or white dress as a match.This makes your dress more natural, and it will not cause others to look at each other.

Avoid too much jewelry

Wearing sex underwear, accessories must be essential.However, when taking a bus, the overwhelming jewelry is not only not good -looking, but also easily causes uncomfortable others.Therefore, while choosing sexy underwear, choose some simple and generous jewelry to avoid exaggerated shapes as much as possible.

Moderate makeup and shape

If you are wearing a sexy underwear and a bus, you need to make makeup and shape.Too strong makeup or exaggerated shapes can easily cause discomfort from others.Therefore, it is recommended to make fresh makeup, or only make simple hairstyles to make your overall image more harmonious and natural.

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Do not expose underwear labels

Underwear labels should not be exposed in public.When taking a bus, pay attention to the position of the underwear label, especially the hind neck.Avoid those keen eyes and notice it.

Avoid excessive contact in public

Interest underwear is a choice of personal preference, while taking a bus is public places.Establish an appropriate sense of space to avoid excessive intimacy or inappropriate behavior.When taking a bus, try to avoid physical contact with strangers, it is best to choose a space that can be independent.

Wear sexy underwear on appropriate occasions

Finally, we want to remind everyone that sexy underwear is not suitable for all occasions.When taking a bus, we must wear appropriate clothes according to the different occasions to better protect your image and avoid embarrassment.

in conclusion

When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the style, color, size, comfort, matching, matching, jewelry, makeup, underwear labels and contact of public places.Only in this way, you can be more confident, comfortable, and natural when taking a bus.