Sex underwear through the bellyband

Sex underwear through the bellyband

Background introduction

As an emerging fashion culture in recent years, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in the market today.One of the most common sexy underwear is a bellyband. This underwear can effectively show the charm of women’s chest and abdomen. More and more women have begun to join this fashion group.I have become more sexy and charm.

Types of belly

There are many types of bellybands. From the perspective of styles, we can divide it into lace bellybands, lace perspective bellybands, mesh bellybands, steel -free bellybands, chest stickers, and personal bellybands.From the perspective of color, our bellyband also has quite a lot of choices. From conventional black, white, flesh -colored red, gold, silver, and various colorful colors, we can be used to make us based on our preferenceschoose.

Wearing requirements

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There are many places to pay attention to when wearing a bellyband. First of all, you need to choose the right size, because if the size is not suitable, it will make your figure look deformed.And you need to keep clean when you wear it to avoid unnecessary problems.When wearing a bellyband, pay attention to the use of the filling on the chest, so as to better highlight your charm.


When wearing a bellyband, many people often make some small mistakes with the above.In fact, it is a good way to match the clothes well.For example, with jeans or high -waisted short skirts, you can create your unique fashion style very well.

Choose the right occasion

The bellyband is not applicable to all occasions. For example, in formal occasions or in business banquets, underwear like bellybands is completely unwell.In non -formal occasions, such as KTV, nightclubs or dating, the bellyband can perfectly show the sexy charm of women.


The maintenance method of the bellyband is relatively simple. Just pay attention to selecting neutral cleaner cleaning when washing, and do not rub it too hard to avoid destroying its flower type and material.When storing, you need to pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, moisture -proof and insect -proof, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the bellyband.

common problem

In the process of wearing a bellyband, we often encounter some common questions, such as wearing discomfort and long use of discomfort.The solution of these problems is very simple. Just pay attention to the posture and correct time of wearing a bellyband. To rest appropriately, you can effectively avoid discomfort.

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Belly and self -confidence

Nobels are not all women who can wear good effects. This requires that when we are wearing, we must not only pay attention to posture and matching, but also to establish self -confidence, so that we can show the charm of women more naturally and excellentlyEssence


In general, bellybands are one of the important elements in fashion culture. Although there will be some attention when wearing, as long as we pay attention to skills and details, I believe that we will definitely get better results.The most important thing is that when wearing a bellyband, you must be confident to make yourself more beautiful, confident and outstanding.