Sex underwear torture Girlfriend’s Novel Collection

Sex underwear torture Girlfriend's Novel Collection


Interesting underwear is a kind of clothing that has been popular with women in recent years. It can make women present different sexy charm in bed and strengthen the stimulus of fun life, but at the same time, it may also become a tool for torture girlfriends.

Sex underwear purchase

I spent a lot of effort to choose a beautiful set of sexy underwear. I really want my girlfriend to try it, but my girlfriend feels embarrassing and uncomfortable during the trial process.

Solution: When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to body size adaptation and comfort, and try not to choose underwear with too exposed and complex styles to avoid embarrassing girlfriends.

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Communication needs

In order to increase the stimulus of sex life, my girlfriend wants to try different styles of sexy underwear, but I can’t always understand her needs, which leads to poor communication and affects the sex life.

Solution: To understand each other and communicate with each other, you can browse the sex underwear website or physical store together, understand the preferences of your girlfriend, and choose the style suitable for both parties.

Sexy atmosphere preparation

I want my girlfriend to put on sexy underwear to bring sexy stimuli, but if it only allows girlfriends to wear underwear to appear in front of herself, it is also difficult to achieve the expected results.

Solution: You can create a romantic and sexy atmosphere in the living room, bathroom and other places, such as candlelight, aromatherapy, music and other methods, bringing more interesting stimuli to both parties.

Underwear wearing method

When my girlfriend put on a sexy underwear, the various buttons and buttons on the underwear made me don’t know how to wear it, and my girlfriend wanted me to help, but I was aggressive.

Solution: Before choosing sexy underwear, you must understand various styles of wearable methods. You can also ask the store to help, so that your girlfriend will feel more comfortable when wearing underwear.

Sexy Costumes

Environmental sanitation

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear is important, but many people ignore this, causing underwear to deteriorate and damage.

Solution: Wash the sexy underwear according to the washing instructions on the underwear label. Do not use the washing machine as much as possible to avoid destroying the fabrics and models of the underwear.

Diverse choice

Girlfriend’s choice of sexy underwear is relatively single. Even if you love fun underwear, he may have aesthetic fatigue.

Solution: You can choose sexy underwear of different colors, styles, and materials, and you can choose different underwear according to different occasions to make the sex life more colorful.

Not all women like sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is very popular among some women, some women do not have a cold about this, and even feel too exposed and awkward.

Solution: Respect your girlfriend’s wishes, do not force your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear, let alone as the only criterion for measuring quality of sex.

Combined with daily wear

Sex underwear is usually regarded as sexy clothing, but does not mean that it cannot be combined with daily wear.

Solution: In addition to wearing in fun life, you can combine sexy underwear and daily costumes to bring more sexy charm in ordinary occasions.


As a tool that increases the fun of sex, although it will torture his girlfriend to a certain extent, as long as you choose and use it appropriately, you can effectively promote the harmony and intimacy of sexual life.At the same time, when using erotic underwear, we cannot completely separate from the situation, needs and wishes of both parties. We must give full play to the positive role of sexy underwear on the basis of respecting and understanding each other.